Key Things Customers Can Do to Decrease Lead Time


So you’ve read Understanding Lead Times When Ordering Storage Lockers and you’re ready to learn what you can do to decrease your own lead time? The more you as a customer can understand the process of lead time as it relates to your storage locker installation, the better your team can help us help you.




Get Your Information In

The single biggest delay to a project is having to wait for information. Anytime we have missing data or a question about the product you want, we have to stop work until we get an answer. So tell us as much as you can as soon as you can about:


  • ADA Information

The Americans with Disabilities Act sets requirements ADALogofor greater access, such as lockers for sale that are disability compliant. This can mean additional shelves at certain heights or different latch options, making it easier to open the locker. These requirements vary state to state, so we need to know what those standards are and where they should be located on the job.


  • Field Verified Dimensions

Since plans can change during the building process, it’s important to know what’s actually there, or else risk imprecise measurements, which could leave too much space or not enough space to accommodate locker banks. This means someone must measure a finished room, not just its concept, but in person and then send those verified field dimensions in.


  • Number SequenceIMG_20130807_112249_947

Number tags for storage lockers can be linear, from 1-695, or use different numbers for different floors. Others can incorporate letters. Though it is a small part of the locker, the laser edged detail does take time, and accompanying locks and their combinations are dependent on this detail.


  • Color or Two-Toned Colors

Color choice is not a last-minute detail you can wait to confirm, but an essential detail that we need to know before we can actually start manufacturing your order. Our vendors have their own lead times, and waiting means you risk us not having the color you want in stock. There are 25 standard colors for the industry, but special colors will require extra lead time for mixing and matching.


  • imgresPayment Info

Payment is typically required up front, and additional like terms must be set before we can truly begin the project.

So remember, if any information is too slow coming in, the project cannot start. The best way to speed up the process is to send everything you know: drawings of what the installation site will look like, layouts of where the lockers will go, and detailed responses to each of the questions above.


Know Exactly What You Want

Because we weld our lockers together in our production facility, rather than assembling them on site, the more you can share with us about what you are looking for in terms of bank size and set up, the better equipped we are to begin designing it. If you know that you want 10 five-column lockers, then you don’t have to spend time considering other options that could work based on your project space measurements; meaning we can focus on working to deliver exactly what you want even more quickly.

If you don’t know specifically what you want, share with us what you know about how the lockers will function and for what kinds of purposes. With this knowledge, we can deduce the best type of locker for your needs based on a wide variety of options.

Professional Tip: Of course, we can’t promise that dropping off a basket of cookies or cheese will do anything to further your place in the queue. But, you know, it couldn’t hurt either!