Innovative locker storage solutions for flexible learning environments

Education across the globe is trending away from traditional practices and looking more and more at outside-the-box ways to improve learning and maximize each student’s potential. Because, as it turns out, not everyone learns the same way.
Flexibility in one area of an academic institution doesn’t always translate to forward thinking in every area. With improvements to the learning process, is it time to look holistically at the entire school setting? How do details like custom lockers fit into innovative flexible learning environments?

What is a “flexible learning environment”?
Up until recently, it was assumed that very traditional classrooms were the best setting for children to learn. Cramped rooms in stiff buildings facilitated the same learning experience for everyone, regardless of the individuals themselves.
Now, “learning environments” are replacing traditional classrooms, putting benches and stools in place of the rows of identical desks allowing for greater flexibility and appealing to the variety of ways that children learn. Teachers are setting up in repurposed modular buildings, art museums, outdoor areas, ships, gardens, and more.
As students gain the opportunity to learn outside of the box, they often lose straightforward storage solutions that are right outside their classroom doors.

Innovative locker storage solutions for innovative learning
The good news is that as academic institutions look for ways to improve upon and customize the learning experience, DeBourgh continues to customize and improve our locker storage solutions, too.

Here are some ideas to jump start customizing your new lockers.

Outdoor lockers – Outside the classroom for the students also means out in the elements for the lockers. Make sure that you choose a set of lockers that is protected against the weather and critters, as well as against potential break-ins.

Portable lockers – Not that you’ll be able to lift them and take them with you daily, but if your classroom tends to migrate, you’ll want storage that can be more easily moved than those that are installed into a permanent base.

Foot lockers – If your innovative learning setting means that space is at a premium, you might want your lockers to take on an entirely different form than is typical. Shorter, smaller foot lockers are one way to achieve this space-saving approach. Perhaps installing a bench on top of the lockers creates a social environment without removing storage space.

Music lockers – Unconventional settings aren’t always great for the more temperamental equipment: musical instruments. No need to worry about the elements affecting the strings or the keys.
Smart locks – Consider digital locks or other locking features that might permit remote access or the ability of parents to leave items in a child’s locker when he or she is not there.

Privacy and security in storage is important for students no matter what environment they are learning in. Together, we can design the custom locker storage solution that addresses each need from your students and their teachers.

Contact DeBourgh Manufacturing and we can apply our innovation-focused design to your new locker setup.