Going to the Amusement Park This Summer?  Three Reasons to Use a Locker

Going to the Amusement Park This Summer?  Three Reasons to Use a Locker

Amusement parks are a true staple of our youth. When we are young, we go for the thrill of the roller coaster; enjoying the full summer day speckled with fried food, adrenaline rushes, and the cooling sensation of being splashed on a water ride.

But when you’re older and you are bringing your family to an amusement park for those same reasons, safety is key. Keeping you and your family, as well as your stuff, safe is something some families don’t think about until you walk through the entrance of the park.  If your items go missing, it can ruin the experience.  Here are three reasons to take care of both yourself, and your belongings, while enjoying the amusement park, and how a locker can help make your trip just a little bit easier.

Personal Wellness

Drink lots of water when you are spending time in the sun. Use sunscreen, as well as a hat, sunglasses, and even an umbrella, if it allows, to keep the sun safely off you. Bring what you would normally bring for outdoor activities, such as pain reliever, allergy medication, and bandages. Many larger, established amusement parks have small convenience stores, but these items can be pricey, so bringing your own can be more cost-effective.

That can be a lot of items, so using an onsite locker can help lighten your load and keep you prepared for any mishap.

Auto Safety

Be sure to lock your car and lock up any valuable items, such as cas

h, wallet, and phones in your glovebox. Better yet, place them all, with your car keys, in a locker inside the park. The amusement park will state they are not responsible for stolen property, which is one of the biggest crimes at the parks- in fact, the LA Times states these “car-centric” crimes include stealing from vehicles, stealing parts from the parked vehicles, and even stealing the car itself.

Housing your keys and valuables in a locker keeps them safely in your possession, rather than in your car, which may not be as safe.

Valuables Safety

More than likely, you will only keep your most important items on you personally. This

probably includes your wallet with cash, credit cards, your ID, your car keys, and your cell phone. Some rides will ask that you empty your pockets, or you will be tempted to empty them, into a bag and leave them on a platform to be picked up when the ride is over.

Both options create a dilemma: take it with you, you may lose it; leave it behind, it may get stolen. Sunglasses, hats, even bags and car keys disappearing are all very common. Unintentionally swept away or maliciously stolen, losing these items is not fun.

Store everything you can in a locker and be prepared to go back to it for the items you need. Some parks now offer lockers at the rides, allowing you to store small items during the fun, and allowing you to retrieve the items from the locker afterward. This is another way lockers can help keep amusement park anxiety low.


Final Thoughts

Call ahead or go on the amusement park’s website to determine if they have lockers and if you need to pay and/or bring your own lock. If there are no lockers available, ask about park security and other options you have for bringing and securing valuables.

Many amusement park lockers now offer RFID technology, allowing you to access your locker with a simple card or waterproof bracelet. The days of using old, difficult combination locks are over. Ease of access and durable storage are now a part of a fun day at any amusement park!

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