Earth Day and Beyond: DeBourgh’s Ongoing Commitment to Sustainable Locker Systems

Earth Day is a perfect time to reflect on our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. Prioritizing eco-friendly practices is no longer optional. We must do everything we can to ensure our world remains a sustainable and healthy place to live for generations to come. As a proud manufacturer of sustainable locker systems, DeBourgh is committed to making a positive impact on our communities and safeguarding our planet. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes, sustainability is ingrained in our company’s ethos.

As a leading locker manufacturer, we understand the importance of creating a positive and organized environment. We bring this same mindset to the table when it comes to reducing our environmental footprint by developing meaningful partnerships and strategic policies that prioritize environmentally responsible practices. Doing this ensures that our eco-friendly locker solutions align with our commitment to sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Materials

One of the many advantages of DeBourgh’s sustainable locker systems is the use of domestic recycled steel. We incorporate between 20-30% post-industrial steel and reprocess scraps at a nearby mill. We source our materials from responsible suppliers who prioritize sustainability. By incorporating domestic recycled steel into our lockers, we help reduce waste in landfills and minimize our carbon footprint.

In addition, we use a powder-coated finishing technology for our sustainable locker systems. Powder coating eliminates the hazardous solvents and thinners that traditional liquid paint requires. Plus, powder-coating materials are 100% recyclable.

Efficient Operations

Our commitment to sustainability does not stop at materials. DeBourgh’s manufacturing processes are designed to minimize energy consumption and emissions. We employ energy-efficient machinery and regularly invest in technological advancements to further reduce our carbon footprint. 

In a voluntary partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Lights program, we converted our facility to linear fluorescent lighting to reduce the electricity usage of metal halide lights by more than half. To reduce gas usage and provide more efficient and effective heating, we also installed radiant heat throughout our 110,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Furthermore, we adopted a ceramic filtration process to clean all water that is discharged from our building.

By continuously evaluating and improving our operations, we ensure that our sustainable locker systems contribute to the overall well-being of our planet.

Durability Means Sustainability

Our eco-friendly locker solutions are built to last. This eliminates the need for frequent replacements and reduces the strain on landfills. Through meticulous design and engineering, we prioritize durability and longevity, ensuring that our lockers withstand the test of time and maintain their functionality even in the most demanding environments. By investing in long-lasting, sustainable locker systems, our customers not only benefit from reduced lifecycle costs but also contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing waste generation.

Beyond Sustainable Locker Systems

As part of a larger effort to address conservation, DeBourgh has planted more than 1,000 trees on 15 acres of land to provide oxygen release and mitigate carbon emissions. The National Forest Service designated this area as an official “Tree Farm.”

Since 2018, the DeBourgh Wellness Committee has operated a recycling-at-work program to prioritize environmentally conscious practices and reduce our eco-impact. Additionally, we are proud members of Clean Valley Recycling, a nonprofit organization in Swink, CO  that provides materials management services to inspire and educate people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

As we move past Earth Day, it is essential to remember that protecting our environment is an ongoing commitment. At DeBourgh, this commitment extends beyond mere compliance with regulations; it is a fundamental principle that guides our innovation and drives us to continually raise the bar for environmental responsibility. Together, let us build a world where eco-friendly solutions are not just an option but a standard, safeguarding our communities and protecting our planet for generations to come.

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