Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

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With the environment and climate concerns on the top of their minds, today’s consumers increasingly seek products and companies prioritizing sustainability. Eco-friendly storage is important when choosing the right solution for your business. Sustainable lockers can play a dual role – the safekeeping of important items and the safeguarding of our environment. 

DeBourgh’s sustainability efforts are part of our commitment to improving things for our customers, employees, and planet.

Sustainable Locker Materials

One of the key pillars of DeBourgh’s commitment to a greener future lies in our environmentally conscious manufacturing processes for sustainable lockers. Our organization has taken significant strides toward creating lockers with a lower environmental impact.

We achieve this by using as much domestic recycled steel as possible. Our eco-friendly storage solutions are made from 20-30% post-industrial steel. We also reprocess any scrap steel we have left at a nearby mill.

We use non-polluting, powder-coating technology as an alternative to liquid paint finishing for all our products. Powder-coating technology eliminates the use of hazardous solvents and thinners. Plus, powder-coating materials are 100% recyclable.

We also provide a detailed Health Product Declaration and Environmental Product Declaration for our lockers as part of our pledge of responsible and transparent manufacturing.

DeBourgh’s sustainable lockers are designed to meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers without compromising on quality or functionality. We actively contribute to reducing waste and conserving natural resources by utilizing recycled steel and other environmentally friendly processes. 

Energy-Efficient Facility

DeBourgh goes beyond material selection by implementing technologies and practices designed to minimize energy consumption and waste generation at our facility. 

As a participant in Green Lights, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s voluntary climate initiative, we converted our facility to linear fluorescent lighting. This uses less than half the electricity of metal halide lights and provides a better work environment. 

We also installed radiant heat throughout our 110,000-square-foot manufacturing facility to reduce gas usage and provide more effective heating. 

Our adoption of a ceramic filtration process to clean all water that is discharged from our building also highlights our promise to implement green practices at our facility.

Eco-Conscious Practices

DeBourgh understands that the journey toward sustainability is not just about providing green products but also about fostering awareness through action.

To address conservation, DeBourgh has planted more than 1,000 trees on 15 acres of land to provide oxygen release and sequester carbon. This area was officially designated as a “Tree Farm” by the National Forest Service.

We have also implemented comprehensive recycling programs and waste reduction initiatives. In 2018, the DeBourgh Wellness Committee launched a recycling-at-work program showcase. The idea behind this was to exemplify how environmentally conscious practices can seamlessly integrate into daily operations. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact – we recycle cardboard (lots!), paper, glass, and plastic. 

We are proud members of Clean Valley Recycling (CVR) – a not-for-profit located in Swink, CO. Their mission is to provide materials management services and to inspire and educate people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. CVR utilizes membership fees to cover overhead to help them operate as an environmental awareness and education center.

A Commitment to Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

As consumers increasingly seek products that align with their values, DeBourgh’s sustainable locker options not only meet these expectations but set a standard for the industry. By choosing DeBourgh, customers aren’t just investing in lockers; they are investing in a greener, more sustainable future. 

For more information on our commitment to sustainability, please visit https://debourgh.com/resources/sustainability/.
Discover how DeBourgh’s sustainable lockers can streamline your organization, add value for your business, and help protect the planet. Contact a DeBourgh locker expert today to learn more!