Public Safety Asset Tracking Lockers

Tracking essential assets in the public safety space means some of the most important items possible. Whether that’s weapons and tactical gear, evidence for compliance, or essential equipment, our AssetTracer public safety asset tracking lockers can store and trace it all in real time.

Take the human error component out of your required gear with DeBourgh’s AssetTracer.

Evidence Tracking Locker Systems

When your officers handle crucial evidence, it cannot go missing or be tampered with. That’s why AssetTracer is the ideal solution for handling this evidence: You can seek compliance by having a full audit trail of who accessed the evidence and when. When was it turned in by whom? Where did it go after? Why leave this up to chance when this system can boost accountability for your team without adding tons of extra paperwork for your officers? AssetTracer is the smart solution for the modern officer.

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Weapon Tracking Lockers

We know officers today manage many different tactical items and equipment at all times. Knowing where those assets are at all times is paramount. AssetTracer makes it easy to manage this gear without the headaches. Our modular system is scalable and customizable, making it easy to fit your gear and your limited footprint at your precinct.


Public Safety Equipment Tracking

How long should your staff search for the right tool for the job? Exactly zero seconds. AssetTracer facilitates a check-in/check-out process that dispenses assets to the right person each time. Dispense only charged and undamaged assets – the system keeps track of both for you. With AssetTracer’s modular system, many different equipment sizes can also be stored.

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