The Game Changer in Traditional Locker Spaces: Keyless.Co, LLC Versus Traditional Locker Locks

An internet search of the term “Locker Failure” offers several links, videos, and images of people trying to access lost combinations, pick stuck or jammed locks, or deal with other malfunctions. The irony is that these failures are not necessarily the result of a locker issue, but a lock issue. When the lock is personal in nature, that’s one thing, but when it is used in a commercial locker setting, such as a fitness center, employee lounge, educational building, or the like, it can be a big problem.

Rekeying locks, replacing broken mechanisms, or addressing malfunctions, should not be the primary task of maintenance. Lockers must have the security and stability required for high use, and the high failure rate of less expensive locking systems must be looked at as an overall cost of use.

Keyless.Co, LLC Versus Traditional Locks

Those looking for locker systems need something that balances affordability with longevity. Keyless.Co locks are a game changer for traditional locker spaces for this reason. Here’s how:

Secure Combinations. Keyless.Co Keyless1 locks use a 4-digit combination system, creating over 10,000 possible combinations. These can be permanently set or temporarily assigned. Traditional locks must be replaced after the 5th user, as it only has 5 preset combinations. In places with high turnover, such as student or employee areas, this replacement adds up in time and money.

Maintenance. Traditional locks’ serial numbers must be tracked and code log maintained or replacement is required. User lockouts are common due to small digits, digit proximity, and low-quality mechanical components resulting in wear and tear to hardware, constant maintenance, and lock replacement.

Keyless.Co, LLC locks offer customized finishes, IP Rating, and LEED credits. Clear digits and generous spacing reduces combination errors. Keyless.Co also offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty and same-day processing. Traditional locks do not.

Lock Out Management. With traditional locks, a master key grants locker access through the front and back of the lock with a 6-step process. If the master key is compromised, all locks and code logs need to be replaced.

Keyless.Co uses a patented Master Key system that bypasses the code, resets the lock, and retrieves the code, all from the front of the lock for ease. This system allows for instant new key/cylinder reprogramming when a Master Key is compromised and a new Master Key is required.

Security. Keyless.Co locks feature anti-pick and tamper-resistant technology with the strongest latch on the market. The patented, self-correcting breakaway knob protects against forced entry. With IP59 ingress protection rating the Keyless1 lock by Keyless.Co is completely dust and water-resistant. All Keyless.Co locks are 100% metal and designed to be durable for long-term, heavy use. Traditional locks are easy to tamper with and successfully pick due to weak plastic components and mechanical design flaws.

And the winner is…

Overall, traditional locks are found at a lower price point, but with the lack of security and additional replacement costs, the peace of mind and the ultimate goal of securing valuables must be put into the hands of Keyless.Co, LLC.