How Can Electronic Asset Locker Storage Help Your Schools or University?

Electronic asset lockers are becoming increasingly popular and necessary for schools and universities. The secure lockers are designed to store assets such as laptops, tablets, cameras, musical instruments, and more. With theft as the most common crime on college campuses, protecting assets is more important than ever.

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Electronic Asset lockers have been used in law enforcement for everything from storing weapons to preserving evidence. Being electronic in nature, they help to reduce paperwork, increase security, and offer real-time data to help better manage high-value equipment. Here are more ways an electronic asset locker storage can help your school.



Increased Security

Students are often encouraged to use cable locks to secure their laptops in public places and even in their residence hall rooms. However, they need another strategy for other high-value items. Additionally, media centers who lend equipment need a secure way to store devices as well as manage the technology in a way that reduces the likelihood of theft and manage borrowing.


Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is strengthened by creating a more secure storage space and an audit trail of transactions – meaning it is easy to see who has had recent access to the lockers, and only the right people have access at the correct times. Built-in technology reduces the need for monitoring and the time-consuming task of checking items out, plus the staffing that involves, or paperwork.

Customized Electronic Asset Lockers

Electronic Asset lockers can be customized in a variety of configurations, such as size, temperature, and security. They can also be designed to be aesthetically complementary to the surrounding areas. Authentication options include using a PIN code, access card, fingerprint, or iris scanning identification depending on the amount of security needed.

Emergency Operation Mode

In the case of a power failure or network issue, the electronic locker system goes into an emergency mode, allowing managers to access contents through secure software and full battery backup systems.


Other options are available to schools to help protect assets, such as preventing installation of unauthorized programs, installing of anti-theft software, and purchasing insurance coverage. Electronic asset lockers are a proactive, long lasting, and secure option for schools to implement to address the problem of loss. If you’d like more information, contact us today.


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