Blue School Lockers Perspective

Flexible storage and locker solutions for Municipalities

If you are a department manager or purchasing agent for your city, county, or state municipal buildings, processes for tracking employee activity and package delivery, storing equipment, and providing security and safety are rapidly changing. Eliminate hassles by upgrading your locker and storage systems and prepare for future needs. 

Managing utility departments, court houses, parks, community centers, and government offices is easier when you can locate all your valuable assets such as keys, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, tools, and equipment. Access control technology helps you:

  • Secure work-related assets
  • Record all users in a database 
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail 
  • Integrate access control with security systems
  • Protect employee items and devices during the workday

Modern workplaces are efficient spaces for fast-paced environments filled with employees, vendors, delivery drivers, inventory, community residents, and confidential information.  


How do you get started? 

We’ll help you design and integrate new automated solutions for lockers and storage management with your security or identification programs, reorganize storage areas and reclaim space, and add wireless multi-user lock systems to make everyone’s job easier. Built-in access control software can track assets and users in real-time so keys don’t get lost, employee activity is accurately logged, and items don’t get lost or misplaced. Indoor or outdoor self-service lockers for deliveries or community use also help keep users healthy by avoiding interaction with other staff or managers when it’s not necessary. Your facility can include:

  • Mobile carts, workstations, and shelving 
  • Automated package delivery systems
  • Fast and efficient access to tools, equipment, and devices
  • A higher level of privacy and security for employees and community residents
  • Asset-control lockers to reduce misplaced or stolen items

Today, more and more city, county, and state agencies are investing in lean technologies like automated locker and storage solutions to eliminate waste and increase efficiencies to serve the public. DeBourgh can help transform your organization into a clean, lean, efficient environment for all.

What will it look like?

An electronic storage locker system lets everyone focus on doing their jobs and increase customer service. You’ll be able to track users of items that only certain employees can access. It will be easier to locate equipment and keys, monitor access to buildings, vehicles, and valuables. Stackable locker modules are custom-built with a wide range of features to make your municipal space a more secure, clean, and comfortable place to work and serve the community. Enhanced productivity and security will make your facility safer and more efficient.

Intelligent lockers will balance the need for personal storage and administrative oversight by opening and locking with the touch of a button. Using multi-user lock solutions, it is possible to open lockers to employees or public use in real-time, rather than tie up costly administrative and maintenance processes checking out lockers and updating combinations. Automated package locker systems also reduce the time spent searching for deliveries and keeps items secure until you can retrieve them.

  • Increased building security 
  • Reduced administrative and maintenance costs
  • Automatic logging for government compliance
  • Device charging for cell phones, radios, and laptops
  • Various lock types and key control

Use various combinations of options and features to suit unique community and department needs. Add even greater control and security when you need to track evidence, laptops, firearms, body cameras, walkie talkies and confidential information. Create seamless worry-free workspaces and customer service areas that provide more comfort while maintaining security and safety between employees and consumers.

What information will you need to present to owners? 

We work with you to design detailed proposals that provide estimates and timelines to make sure your project goes smoothly. Avoid delays and interruption in your warehouse. 

With DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program, you can even leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of construction date. We find better ways to fit the budget, and guarantee quality and performance. 

Contact us now to start collaborating with us on a more secure and more flexible fitness club.