DeBourgh: Manufacturing High-Quality Lockers for Over a Century

woman and man standing behind a De Bourgh Mfg. sign at company headquarters

For over a century, DeBourgh has proudly maintained our commitment to quality and innovation. As a trusted locker manufacturer, we have pioneered and perfected the development of high-quality lockers and the design of comprehensive storage solutions. And we’re just getting started!

So, what makes our company so special? It all starts with a simple promise to design, build and install lockers that work, every time.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since our founding in 1909, DeBourgh has continuously evolved our manufacturing processes and designs to meet the changing needs of various industries. From our humble beginnings as a small sheet metal fabrication shop specializing in poultry supplies, roofing, gutters, steel ceilings and light metal works, we diligently developed our steel fabrication processes to manufacture larger-scale products, including defense, aviation and earth-moving equipment. Also, we built durable pedestrian bridges – some of which you can still find scattered across the country!

DeBourgh went on to revolutionize major steel fabrication techniques like precision flame cutting and welding. We designed machines capable of producing some of the longest-lasting, highest-quality products on the market. Then, in 1931, we built our first custom locker for the University of Minnesota’s hockey team. It combined the strength of steel with latching and ventilation, much-needed options for storage solutions then and now.

In 1990, DeBourgh relocated from Minnesota to Colorado to focus exclusively on the locker division. Now a fourth-generation locker manufacturer led by President and CEO Patrick Berg and Daniel and Rachael Berg, we are committed to creating dependable, high-quality lockers that optimize storage, safety and organization and offer intelligent solutions such as keyless access, automated controls and real-time reporting.  

Our Values

Our values are rooted in compassion and connection. We extend the same care and concern that we have for our family to our customers, employees, community, and planet.

Our Customers:

DeBourgh’s success is not only measured in years but in the satisfaction of our customers. We work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and provide high-quality locker solutions that exceed expectations. To this end, we strive to evoke the sentiment, “They don’t make ’em like that anymore!” in each and every customer.

Our Team:

Our employees are the heart of DeBourgh. As a locker manufacturer with a commitment to durability and reliability, the difference lies in the details. It is our employees’ dedication, knowledge, attentiveness and expertise that sets us apart in the industry.

Our Community:

We are proud members of the La Junta and Arkansas River Valley community! We host events and fundraisers, speak at school career days, offer student manufacturing seminars, and celebrate in style at the annual City of La Junta parade. And we love to recognize our veterans with special dinners and lend a hand at community events. At DeBourgh, we value all members of our wonderful, diverse community and treat everyone with the kindness, respect and dignity they deserve.

Our Planet:

Consumers are increasingly seeking environmentally friendly products. DeBourgh is also committed to the good of the planet. Our eco-friendly manufacturing processes create sustainable lockers that offer dual benefits – secure storage solutions and investment in a greener future.

Integrity, empathy, and customer satisfaction are not just buzzwords for us. They are pillars upon which we have built our business. Our values are reflected in every locker we produce.

Our Commitment to High-Quality Lockers

DeBourgh’s commitment to producing high-quality lockers is unmatched. We implement rigorous quality control measures at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that each locker meets the highest standards. Moreover, we use premium materials, cutting-edge technology, and skilled craftsmanship to create lockers that not only provide secure storage but also stand the test of time.

As locker needs have evolved, so has our approach to innovation. We invest in research and development to stay ahead of the curve, introducing advanced features and integrated designs that serve the diverse needs of modern industries.

DeBourgh is a go-to source for businesses seeking intelligent storage solutions that can meet the demands of the evolving technological landscape. From securing high-value items, tracking assets, and distributing parcels, to building security and public safety, DeBourgh’s high-quality lockers are designed to “simply work.” As a result, our commitment to design and workmanship guarantees consistent, peak performance.

DeBourgh’s legacy as a leading locker manufacturer is a testament to our commitment to excellence. With more than a century of expertise, strong values, and a relentless pursuit of innovation, we are proud to shape the future of storage solutions, setting the standard for the industry.

Let DeBourgh be your trusted source for high-quality lockers that maximize efficiency and create a streamlined, organized environment. Our locker experts are ready to discuss your unique needs. We will work with your budget to customize innovative locker solutions for your organization. Contact us today to learn more!