How DeBourgh Mastered the Art of Customization


Even with a wide variety of locker options and specifications, we often find customers or designers who have something different in mind, their own idea or concept.

“Is this something you do?” they ask. The answer is always the same: “Let’s see what we can do!”




From Concept to Completion

The first lead often comes after an AIA presentation, when architects ask about an idea they’ve had or one a customer has requested. DeBourgh representative will sit down and meet with them so that the customer can explain the big picture of what is needed. We relay their request to our engineers who have a multitude of services they offer that allow what was originally only a thought to be transformed into a physical product.

One of the first steps our engineers will take is to give feedback on all proposed original concepts. They’ll want to ask pertinent questions that will eventually help the concept come to life. What else may the customer want? What are the customization offers that are currently available? Are there any foreseeable consequences or additional costs that will pop up? They may even adapt the project depending on if what the client is looking for is truly doable.

The key is to work closely with the architect to get at the heart of what the desire or need is. What is the cause that gave start to this request, what problem are they trying to solve? From a design perspective, we want to know what they’re trying to achieve if they’re looking to improve aesthetics or it’s functionality? Once this step is undertaken our engineering team will find ways to bridge the gap between what the client wants and what can be done while still remaining within their price range.

Another consideration our engineers will look into is if the new proposed design might result in any vulnerabilities in the locker that the architect may be unaware of. We brainstorm resolutions for these issues before they ever become a problem, create alternatives for the architect to choose from, and find ways for the end product to be more structurally sound yet still be cost efficient.

The engineering department will take the final concept and create a visual version to show what it will look like, using a software that allows the concept to be seen as a 3D rendering. Architects can rely on us to show more clearly what the proposal will look like thanks to 3D renderings, job specific samples, and more. In fact, if a customer needs to see the realized locker in person, we have the capability to create and send a full-sized sample that will help guarantee our customers satisfaction.


Customization Examples

A lot of the time the architect will be working to fully realize an idea that a customer had sketched out for them. Requests may be related to ventilation, special sizes, unique latching, different hinges, specific colors, or an entirely new product. We’ve also seen:

● One school district hired an architect who specified a different product latch style that he liked better than ours. So we created a 3D rendering based on his idea, showed him cost and effects, and found a way to make what he wanted in a way that was still feasible.

● Another client had looked into a number of different manufacturers and the locker cups they offered and put together a list of all the best features from each brand. Bringing this back to our engineers, they created what we would call the best of all worlds.

● Special ventilation was the focus for one architect who wanted a customized option that no one was currently doing, that would also match the current aesthetic to the rest of the building. Our engineers brainstormed to deliver the needed security to that locker project while still creating the look they wanted.

● Another company requested our engineering team to essentially created an entirely new product when what they wanted simply didn’t exist. By working closely with this architect, we came up with something that was, in our expert opinion, even better than their initial inspiration.


Diversity of Experience

The engineers at DeBourgh Lockers are very flexible in how we can help people. While lockers are our specialty, numerous times we have been approached by people regarding various other projects, asking what we can do to help. Since so many of our engineers have a variety of different backgrounds in numerous industries, we aren’t limited to only the design and creation of various projects. DeBourgh is given the unique opportunity to meld the experience and talents of a highly diverse group of professionals into one comprehensive team.

Trying to lay out a locker room, but don’t have the time or expertise to quickly determine the best solution? We’ve seen more than our share of locker rooms and can advise you, based on the school’s age, type of sports being played, ADA requirements, and building type. A common request for layout recommendations can often turn into a custom design.

Our engineering team has found that the possibilities of what we can do are endless when our work is customer driven, always focused on delivering the best results.

Planning a new project that calls for something unique? Nothing is too adventurous for DeBourgh Lockers to consider. If we can’t find a solution for what you need, we’ll simply let you know, but it’s a rare occasion that we cannot find a custom design that benefits both the architect and the customer.