Intelligent parcel lockers

8 Unique Uses for Parcel Locker Systems

Intelligent parcel lockers have become a staple solution within some of the largest industries, from university campuses and corporate offices to retailers and multifamily residences. Smart parcel lockers help organizations address complex parcel management challenges due to the growing e-commerce market.

There are many reasons why intelligent parcel locker systems have been adopted by so many businesses in so many sectors. Smart locker systems have a wide variety of applications, from mail rooms to university campuses to corporate settings and beyond. They make life more convenient in a variety of ways, and this goes beyond mail delivery and secure storage. 

Like any new technology, there’s more than meets the eye and some forward-thinking organizations have found outside-the-box ways to put intelligent lockers to use.

Let’s take a look at several alternative uses for package lockers you may not have considered.


Bankers deal with a lot of sensitive financial documents and otherwise sensitive items that must fall into the right hands. Usually, mailing and shipping items will keep them safe, but there’s always a chance they fall into the wrong hands and cause serious damage to banks and their clients. Rather than mail checkbooks, credit cards, statements, and other important financial items, they can be placed inside a secure locker. This ensures that only the intended recipient can access the item, and both parties will know when the item has been delivered and received. This is much more secure than mail, especially because some smart locker systems have surveillance and security systems built-in.


Another industry that deals with high-risk, sensitive deliveries is the pharmaceutical field. Because people need medications – at all hours of the day – smart locker systems offer a unique benefit to pharmacies and their customers. Because medicines can be stored securely and picked up whenever it is convenient to the patient, smart lockers offer an amazing solution here. Even for more dangerous substances, intelligent lockers can be temperature-controlled and offer various forms of security. For patients that cannot afford to lose their medicine in the mail or stolen in transit, parcel lockers can solve many headaches. 

3.Repair services:

When your phone, computer, or other small appliances are broken, it can be a hassle to wait in line, explain to the representative what problem you’re having, and so forth. With a smart locker system, you can more easily drop off your equipment and allow the repair center to receive it securely, fix it, and place it securely for pickup when ready. 

4.Support for remote workers or new hires:

With the rise of hybrid work, not all company employees will be physically present to receive work-related onboarding items like badges, IDs, documentation, laptops, and other corporate swag. With delivery and pickup to a smart locker system, new hires can easily receive the needed items ahead of time and in a more secure manner than standard mail. 

5.Moving day:

Property managers have much to gain from using parcel locker systems. Typically busy showing apartments or meeting with potential renters, property managers are always short of time and in high demand. With a smart locker system, property managers can leave important items such as keys, welcome packages, and leasing documents without waiting for a one-on-one meeting with the landlord or property manager. It’s also a great way to introduce newcomers to the building’s locker system, where they might soon be retrieving their mail and packages.

6.Orientation on college campuses:

College orientation can often be quite a disorienting affair. There are many people on campus, and a lot of new information is being passed around, so it can be an overwhelming experience for students. While college campuses already make excellent spots for the installation of smart lockets, orientation can help ease the stress for newcomers. Welcome packets, keys, books, IDs, and more can all be stored in one place for the proper student. This can clear congestion on campus, give students time to familiarize themselves with their surroundings – and learn how to use the locker systems on the premises. 

7.To-go orders:

Because smart locker systems can come with options for heating or refrigeration, restaurants can use them to seamlessly deliver food to customers. Instead of in-store pickup, parcel lockers can drastically reduce the amount of time and communication involved. When the food is ready, customers will be alerted. They simply open the locker and continue on their way. This can free up employees to provide service or assistance wherever else it’s needed.

8.Library pick-up:

Similar to how a restaurant would use a smart locker system, a library can allow 24/7 pickup to guests by using an outdoor locker system. With the adoption of digital catalogs, many library patrons no longer browse through the aisles to find what they want. In fact, most patrons only spend a few minutes inside to pick up books they had already reserved, making it even more convenient to offer pickup via an outdoor locker. Even when the library is closed, books can be picked up and dropped off with ease. 

As the adoption of smart parcel lockers expands, so too will the number of ways in which they’re used. With such a simple technology, there are many possibilities for how smart lockers can be used. Parcel locker systems will continue to make life easier as businesses of all kinds find different uses for them. 

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