We believe lockers should work every time you use them. What led to this radical thinking?

For more than 100 years, we’ve been replacing bad lockers with great ones because many don’t work like they’re supposed to.

We’ve found our people, our processes, and our materials just work – every time.

Our Solutions

With our built-to-order lockers, you can manage everything from backpacks to IT assets.

Track and distribute important work assets or simply have flexible lockers for your work environment.

Control medications or other chain-of-custody items or protect staff’s belongings while they are on shift.

Track evidence and weapons – manage who can access which assets and when with content surveillance.

Some of Our Customers

Secure Lockers are the Best Place to Store Your Gear

When you have places to go and things to do, you shouldn’t have to worry if your gear is safe. You should have peace-of-mind that no matter what your gear is, that it is protected and easy to access when you need it. You’d be surprised just how many locker companies aren’t up to snuff on your most basic needs. When your locker door doesn’t open when you need it to, it’s probably not the right locker for you.

When it comes to your gear, DeBourgh takes storage seriously. Whether it’s our classic All-American Lockers or new applications like smart, day-use lockers, DeBourgh has your back. Build out your workspace with our office lockers, or stash your scrubs in our antimicrobial healthcare lockers, find a convenience spot to keep your backpack with our education lockers, or store and track assets with our smart lockers.

No matter which secure locker you pick, you get the same promise – lockers that work, every time. Why do they work every time? Because we focus on bringing the best builders, best materials, and best technology to every locker for every environment. With all our lockers, you are getting:

  • Our materials and processes that come with a lifetime warranty
  • Improved look and safety of your space with welded steel lockers
  • Safe, clean, and secure lockers
  • Optional smart lockers for a contactless experience
  • Sustainable locker materials

When it comes to custom lockers, DeBourgh has probably already built your custom locker idea over our long history of metal fabrication. Whether your application is for indoor lockers or outdoor lockers,  we’ve seen it all! Save time, money, and space by working with our engineers that can help bring your smart locker ideas to life. As always, our secure lockers are designed to be maintenance-free, durable and long-lasting, and easy to use.