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Modern offices need modern storage. DeBourgh Office Space Lockers help create seamless workspaces where personal belongings can be stored worry-free, so your team can get to work. Check out the office lockers we offer in this space below, or contact us now to start collaborating with us on a more secure and more flexible workspace.

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•  AssetTracer
•  Key Control Cabinets
•  Access Control Lockers
•  Flex Fitness
•  Parcel Delivery Lockers
•  Industrial Storage Cabinet
•  Athletic Lockers

Office spaces are quite diverse, which is why DeBourgh offers a wide selection of options that span into a variety of industries. Consider what you may need and see how our solutions fit, or talk with us to get better clarity on your needs and what we can provide. Here are just a few of our options:


Personnel lockers may be great for items such as purses and jackets, but more valuable items require more safety and security, this is the purpose of AssetTracer. Laptop and cell phone modules keep personal items safe and secure for use during office hours, while keeping them out of the office space for security reasons.

Store radios, tablets, weapons, or other on-site property for work use only and monitor access to each individual asset for high levels of security and accountability.

Key Control Cabinets

Gain complete control over the keys in your facility, buildings, vehicles, equipment, and more with a scalable key control cabinet.

KeyTracer stops unauthorized access to keys by automatically tracking key access. It also saves valuable time by eliminating time-consuming logging, rekeying, and key loss measures. The easy-to-use software dashboard allows you to monitor key possession and can be integrated with other security.

Access Control Lockers

Access Control Lockers prevent the wrong people from gaining access to supplies, equipment, gear, weapons, money, or other valuables when unauthorized. Allow only specific users during precise windows of time for optimum security.

Flex Fitness

FLEX Locker series offers durability and flexibility, combining high-end all-welded strength with the aesthetic you desire. Featuring digital locks or single point latch, these long-lasting lockers are perfect for personnel, visitors, and/or supplies.

Choose from muted or vibrant colors, metal or plastic laminate skin, MDF or Wood doors to get exactly the look and feel you desire.

Parcel Delivery Lockers

Parcel Delivery Lockers are the intelligent, automated, electronic solution you have been looking for. Safely receive deliveries or make purchases available 24/7 with these state-of-the-art lockers. Electronic access creates a secure drop point for valuables with one-time passcodes for quick, easy retrieval and minimal management.

Industrial Storage Cabinets

Storing heavy-duty supplies like bulky weights, chemicals, or breakable supplies? Our Industrial Storage Cabinets are built strong and made to last.

Athletic Lockers

Our variety and diversity of Athletic Lockers have a wide range of cross-over uses. Contact us for more information about the right fit for your space and needs.
Rebel Athletic. No more broken doors and latches. Our Rebel Hallway Locker is now available in athletic designs.

APEX Sport. This locker’s options create a professional look and high-security.
APEX Athletic Wardrobe. Need air flow? This impact-resistant angle-iron constructed locker features breathable ventilation, the industry’s most secure latching option and an exclusive 3-point turn handle latch for smooth, durable use.

APEX Athletic Team. These lockers are very versatile and come in several options including size, latch options, and ventilation styles. Styles that allow you to see inside the lockers clearly for ease-of-access and tremendous ventilation support are also available.

CORE Athletic Team. Need a more economical option? Our CORE formed sheet metal lockers offer accessories, latching options, sizes, and ventilations with budget in mind.

APEX Athletic PE. These all-welded construction lockers come in 4-, 5- or 6-tier, or mixed combination options all with a powder coat finish for durability and style. A great multi-use locker option.

CORE Athletic PE. Our budget-conscious option, this locker comes in a variety of sizes and ventilations and the most popular tier combination backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Contact Debourgh today to learn more about office space lockers and find the right system(s) for your business needs.

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