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Whether your space is for Education, Military, Office, Healthcare, or First Responders, the Internet of Things can help make your space more secure and flexible. Control access to lockers, help your users with lockers that allow them to choose any that are open without high administration effort. Store and track packages with parcel lockers, allow customers to exchange goods in a secure space, or store and track expensive tools and assets. Check out the intelligent lockers we offer in this space below, or contact us now to start collaborating with us on a more secure and more flexible spaces.

Intelligent Access Space

Intelligent Access

•  Access Control Lockers
•  Asset Tracking Lockers
•  Key Control Cabinets
•  Parcel Delivery Lockers
•  Service Delivery Lockers
•  After-Hours Delivery Lockers

When you have assets to protect, whether long-term or short-term, such as for deliveries, our line of products designed for Intelligent Access are sure to meet your needs.

Access Control Lockers

Access Control Lockers do exactly as they sound – they limit access to the contents of the locker to a specific person or persons. This can be done through unique codes or as part of your security system that allows remote access to an administrator.

Asset Tracking Lockers

Asset Tracking Lockers keep high-value supplies secure and safe while tracking all access to them. Automatically limit access, allow access, and track who and when assets were interacted with at any given date or time.

Key Control Cabinets

Key Control Cabinets can be a stand-alone solution or, more likely, are used along with your security system to better manage key storage and distribution.

Service Delivery Lockers

DeBourgh has your solution for electronic, automated, intelligent delivery lockers!

Parcel Delivery Lockers

When no one is available to receive a package delivery, or when there is no safe place, or not enough space to deliver a package, Parcel Delivery Lockers are an ideal solution.

Drivers no longer need to make several attempts at delivery, but rather can leave the package securely in the locker. The customer receives a notification via email or text and can retrieve the package at their earliest convenience. Access to the unit is recorded and stored for future audit.

Service Delivery Lockers

Secure lockers with convenient customer access allows service-based businesses, such as a dry cleaner, to offer more opportunities for customer drop-off and pick-up. Allowing 24/7 capabilities with automatic, electronic payment portals, allows for more efficient services and automatic tracking.

DeBourgh works directly with service companies to create and customize pick-up and delivery locker systems.

After-Hours Delivery Lockers

Because most businesses aren’t 24/7, they may lose out on customers who aren’t able to connect with them during regular business hours. With After-Hours Delivery Lockers, businesses can safely and securely leave products and/or supplies for vendors or customers to retrieve when their schedule allows.

The customer or vendor receives a one-time access code that opens an assigned locker to access their products after payment has been made. All transactions are recorded for audit.

The versatility of this locker allows for configurations for space, a variety of sizes for different supply types, and allows access either during business, or for after-hour pick up of purchases.

Our Made in the USA, all-steel lockers feature:

•  Unmatched quality and durability.
•  Environmentally sound post-industrial recycled steel.
•  Unique design featuring powder coating and high-quality finishes.
•  Affordable configurations for any space and need.
•  Super-secure latching systems with a variety of accessibility.
•  Professional welding, metal working, and iron design for strength.
•  Lifetime guarantees.

DeBourgh Manufacturing makes our all-steel lockers in the USA. Durable and high-quality supplies and workmanship allows us to guarantee them for life. Contact us for more information or a quote for your specific needs.

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