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How do owners balance the need for high-end aesthetics and durable lockers that can hold up to both abuse and warping and mold? DeBourgh has a simple solution: develop a hybrid line of products that blends the high security and strength of steel with flexible textures like laminate, phenolic, and wood. Check out the fitness club lockers we offer in this space below, or contact us now to start collaborating with us on a more secure and more flexible fitness club.

Healthcare & Fitness Space


•  Flex Fitness
•  Access Control Lockers
•  AssetTracer
•  Athletic Lockers

Fitness centers and multi-use spaces that include fitness facilities need lockers that are secure, durable, commercial-grade, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing. DeBourgh’s high standards ensure quality and performance and are backed by a lifetime limited guarantee.

Flex Fitness

These professional series lockers are built tough, but have a variety of finishes to create the look and feel that matches your brand. The all-welded steel lockers feature a digital lock option and all have a single point latch for security.

Access Control Lockers

These lockers are specially designed with extra-strong security for high-value items your staff members or gym visitors may require. Lock away jewelry, cell phones, laptops, headphones, and more to keep your belongings safely out of the hands of thieves.
The Access Control Lockers can be offered in addition to standard lockers to create additional security for guests.


AssetTracer is an ideal solution for managing and protecting items such as two-way radios, cell phones, tablets, security badges, keys, and more. Each locker automatically tracks when it has been opened and by whom, so management can clearly see who was last to check-in or out specific equipment or supplies.

An excellent way to manage high-value or easily misplaced items, AssetTracer is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Athletic Lockers

A wide selection of athletic lockers allows you to get the exact size, shape, configuration, and appearance you want and need for your locker room space. Benches and pedestals are also available.

Rebel Athletic
These slam proof lockers mean no more wasting money on broken latches, doors, or maintenance labor. Strong unibody design offers a selection of colors, latch types, ventilation, doors, hooks, and slopes to achieve your desired look.

APEX Sport
The APEX Sport Locker offers the highest security among open front lockers and was designed to maximize storage. Its all-welded angle iron construction and sturdy base are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

APEX Athletic Wardrobe
Breathable ventilation makes this impact-resistant angle-iron locker perfect for gym rooms wanting a fresh smell. With three latch styles, two door options, a variety of ventilation patterns, and a superior powder coat finish, you are sure to find a perfect custom look.

APEX Athletic Team
Multiple tier combinations allow you to create a diverse, yet uniform locker room system. Choose solid sides or ventilated mesh, secure latch styles, door style, and powder coat in a wide selection of vibrant or muted colors. As always, these American-made lockers are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

APEX Athletic PE
Four, five, or six tier construction, or any mix, is available with these all-steel welded lockers. A great multi-use locker, it can be used for patrons or personnel alike for securing personal items safely and easily.

CORE Athletic Team
Our CORE line was designed for those who don’t require the durability of the angle iron selection, but still want quality and security that’s affordable. These formed sheet metal lockers come with a variety of options and accessories to meet your high standards.

CORE Athletic PE
The CORE Athletic PE Locker features formed sheet metal in the most popular tier combinations, sizes, and ventilations for simple, yet effective personal storage in commercial applications.

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