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First responders have to be ready to react in any given crisis situation. Whether the need is for ample and flexible personnel lockers or complete chain of custody evidence lockers or for asset tracking lockers designed to store and track O.C. spray, two-way radios, and rifles, DeBourgh has a complete first responder locker offering for your space. Check out the first responder lockers we offer in this space below, or contact us now to start collaborating with us on a more secure and more flexible first responder space.

First Responders Space

First Responders

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First responders, including security and law enforcement, have specific and unique requirements for their lockers. Sensitive items such as firearms, tasers, electronics, Kevlar vests, and safety boots must be properly stored in order to function at the accurate levels.

In response to the industry demand for such a diverse product line, DeBourgh stepped up to offer exactly that. Our First Responder Lockers feature:

Durable, environmentally sound units. Since 1931, we have been building the longest lasting, most resilient lockers on the market with environmentally-conscious technology and processes and up to 30% post-industrial recycled steel. Our unique angle iron design, time testing metal working, powder coating, and high-quality paint finishes make us the best.

Affordable customization. A variety of widths and heights with a gracious 24” depth, make our top units affordably customizable to a variety of application and space demands.
Security. Super secure 3-point, 3-sided latching system, and double door options on professionally welded all-steel units, give you the most secure lockers in the industry.

Benches. Bench base options maximize room space and create an area to assist in changing, while providing comfort and ease.

Drawers. Optional drawer base for boots and shoes, featuring smooth glide ball-bearing slides and accommodating sizes. Internal security drawers are also available.

Personal fan. Individual locker fan system for optimal airflow – ideal for drying Kevlar and other safety equipment. Keeps electronics safe, cool, and dry.

Rods. Clothing hanger rods, with or without a security box, are available to help keep clothes and uniforms neat.

Personal space. Optional security drawer or security box to store personal items or valuables within the locker, such as firearms, jewelry, and wallets.

Electricity. Simple 2-circuit outlets for power to the locker without the need for an electrician are available with our plug-and-play system.

Shelves. Adjustable side shelves installed on either side of the locker to maximize interior space. Top shelves feature a stop to hold documents or other valuables to prevent them from sliding out or back.

Gun rack. Rifle rack safely holds a shotgun or rifle securely in place.

Bins. Adjustable storage bins in multiple sizes, these can be repositioned anywhere inside the locker to help organize lose items.

Because DeBourgh manufactures the lockers right here in the USA, we are able to build our First Responder Lockers exactly as you need them. Choose a variety of configurations to meet your needs, or create a consistent aesthetic and capability. Contact us for more information or a quote for your specific needs.

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