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When you are called to action, time wasted is the enemy. You need gear lockers that work every time and keep your gear secure. Whether that means a durable TA-50 Gear Storage Locker or Intelligent Access lockers for vital assets, DeBourgh is the source for all the military lockers you need, when you need them. Check out the military lockers we offer in this space below, or contact us now to start collaborating with us on a more secure and more flexible military spaces.

America’s Military Space

Military Spaces

•  Military TA-50
•  AssetTracer
•  Key Control Cabinets
•  Access Control Lockers
•  First Responder
•  Industrial Storage Cabinet

Our military needs require security, quality, and accessibility by the right people at the right time, which is exactly how and why DeBourgh creates high-quality all-steel lockers for a variety of military demands.

Military TA-50

Built in the USA, our TA-50 military gear storage lockers offer the most durable and secure systems worldwide. Our manufacturing warehouse allows us to quickly produce the units in large quantities in a very short time and we guarantee on-time delivery.

We’ve manufactured over 50,000 TA-50 units over the last five years and we are honored to supply our military with all their storage locker needs.


When high-value assets need to be tracked, AssetTracer is the ideal solution. High-quality locker systems automatically track who is accessing what equipment when and where. Used often for firearms, sensitive equipment, laptops, communication devices, and more, AssetTracer effectively replaces and improves upon log sheets or check-in/check-out procedures.

Key Control Cabinets

If you’ve struggled with key management issues in the past this is your solution. Our key control cabinet effectively organizes and stores keys while tracking who’s had access to any keys at any time. Manage all keys in your facility without the need for manual logs. Key management is automatic with key access software when you use our key control cabinets.

Integrate the key control with other security measures to create complete control of valuable access throughout your building, property, and even vehicles and equipment.

Access Control Lockers

An evolution of personal storage solutions, Access Control Lockers keep out the wrong people and give access to only authorized users. These lockers can stand alone or as part of your overall security system, and can be opened remotely all at the same time, or individually. This creates improved security and reduces the need for rekey/lock replacement.

First Responder Personnel Lockers

Durable, full-steel, heavy-duty lockers with multiple interior configurations allow for personal storage and increased security. Store firearms and other weapons, gear, and even paperwork safely and securely.

Built-in benches grant ease with dressing, and top-of-the-line latches ensure function and allow for rigorous wear. With bins, drawers, gun racks, clothing/gear rods, shelves, electricity, and fans as interior options, our lockers are designed to meet the highest demands.

Industrial Storage Cabinet

For your heavy-duty storage needs, you can trust DeBourgh’s Angle Iron Framed Industrial Storage Cabinets. Built to last and manufactured in the USA by top welders and manufacturers, our exclusive 3-point, 3-sided turn-handle latch is a leader in all-welded locker design that gives it a tough build for a lifetime guarantee.

Transform your space into a lean, clean, efficient space with DeBourgh’s storage systems today. Contact us for more information or a quote for your specific needs.

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