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Network-ready modular, stackable, lockable cabinets for any space.

DeBourgh’s Modular Smart Spaces

DeBourgh’s new Modular Smart Spaces are the gift that keeps on giving.  These end-to-end storage cabinets provide more storage, more security, and more flexibility to any room.  Use the Modular Smart Spaces as a base for existing lockers, as a desk, a bench, a counter, and a countless amount of other applications.  Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, you can easily transform any room into a safer environment with the integrated locking technology these smart cabinet lockers offer.

How to use DeBourgh’s Modular Smart Spaces

DeBourgh’s Modular Smart Spaces will easily work themselves into any space: hospital rooms, classrooms, lobbies, hotels, even homes.  Finding functional applications for them won’t be hard. 

  • Benches

  • Sitting Desks

  • Standing Desks

  • Cabinets and Casework

  • Workbenches

  • Lockers

  • Cell Phone Storage

  • Laptop Storage

  • Evidence Storage

  • Controlled Substance Storage

  • Personal Storage

  • And more

Features of the Modular Smart Spaces

Like all of DeBourgh’s lockers, there are excellent standard features that come with this cabinet series, including:

Standard Features

  • Incorporates various lock types

  • Works with wired or wireless locks

  • Simple, interlocking installation that can be changed at any time

  • Bring access control beyond the entry point with iTrust® Enterprise Access Control software

The series also comes with some optional features that provide some aesthetic appeal, including:

Optional Features

  • Steel, laminate, phenolic, or clear polycarbonate door and finishing panel materials 

  • Casters for mobile systems

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Specifications of the Modular Smart Spaces

Our USA-made Modular Smart Spaces are safely and responsibly made.

  • 18-gauge, cold-rolled steel bodies

  • At least 27% recycled materials

  • TGIC polyester powder coat finish

  • MIG welded body structure

  • Modular construction

  • Adjustable hinges

Electrical Outlets Offering Further Support (optional in cabinet)

In today’s technology-driven world, offering electrical outlets to our Modular Smart Spaces users is a given.

Debourgh InBox Series Images-6
  • 120V Standard 2-outlet

  • USB-A

  • USB-C

  • Combination Standard 2-Outlet, USB-A, & USB-C

Dimensions of the Modular Smart Spaces

With this series, you get a lot of options.  Create and design to your heart’s content using a number of cabinet sizes.

  • 15.5”H x 18”W x 18”D: 1 to 4 doors per box 

  • One door – 15.5”H x 18”W x 18”D 

  • Two door (laptop) – 7.75”H x 18”W x 18”D 

  • Two door (tall) – 15.5”H x 9”W x 18”D 

  • Two drawer – 7.75”H x 18”W x 18”D 

  • Four door (cell) – 7.75”H x 9”W x 18”D

Interested in learning more about DeBourgh’s new Modular Smart Spaces?  Call us today.