AssetTracer Locker

  • Track evidence, laptops, firearms, body cameras, walkie talkies or any other asset inside and outside your locker.

    Asset Management Solutions For:

    Law Enforcement
    Utility Service Providers
    Manufacturing & Energy Sectors
    Government & Military
    Cities and Municipalities
    Correctional Facilities
    Gaming and Entertainment
    Transportation Agencies
    Educational Institutions
    And many others

    Find out how it works at Real Time Networks - AssetTracer Electronic Asset Lockers.


    • Combine stackable locker modules, each with 1 or more compartments, to assemble the exact system you need
    • Work faster with rapid authentication and transactions
    • Gain total control over assets in your facility
    • Simplify compliance efforts with automatic transaction logging
    • Improve cyber hygiene with seamless tracking of electronic devices
    • Integrate asset management with many other powerful security solutions
    • Manage all access and reporting through the versatile RTNHub Application

  • AssetTracer - Laptop Locker with Module

    AssetTracer - Cell Phone Locker with Module

    AssetTracer - Laptop Module with Polycarbonate Door

    AssetTracer - Laptop module with Metal Doors and Ventilation

    AssetTracer - Cell Phone Module

    AssetTracer - Terminal Module

    AssetTracer - Full-Size Module

    AssetTracer - Small Module

    AssetTracer - Radio Module

    AssetTracer - Rifle Module

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  • Muted Colors

    coolWhiteCool WhiteWhiteHammerWhite HammerLatteLattedesertBeigeDesert Beige
    ashGrayAsh GraySmokeSmokestormGrayStorm GrayMetro Gray
    maroonPeaksMaroon PeaksMilkChocalateMilk ChocolatejetBlackJet BlackBlackHammerBlack Hammer
    Urban Dusk

    Vibrant Colors

    greenIsleGreen IsleJuniperJunipercitrusYellowCitrus YellowgoldenRodGoldenrod
    cadetBlueCadet BlueroyalBlueRoyal BluenavyBlueNavy BlueblueHammerBlue HammerpurpleFigPurple Fig
    PumpkinPumpkinsunsetOrangeSunset OrangecardinalRedCardinal RedcodeRedCode RedRedHammerRed Hammer

    DeBourgh uses the highest quality powder coat paint.  Our paint thickness is the best in the industry.

    Note: Colors shown here are an approximate representation. The actual color may be slightly different.
    Contact Us for actual color chips.


    Note: Patterns/colors of textures and metallics will vary due to their nature.


    *No touch up available for textures or metallics.

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