BuildADVANCE – Budget Locker Program

You are well aware of the busy construction schedules every summer. This crunch time pushes up costs and creates hectic schedules – and lockers are one of the final things that go in the building and can really hold up a project. Many locker manufacturers reach their capacity limit during these months, raising prices for you every year.

We are happy to announce our special BuildADVANCE Program – Get the best lockers anytime you want them for off-peak pricing! 

DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program lets you leverage lower off-season pricing even for your summer projects, delivered whenever you need. By reserving your spot early, you can not only save money but ensure flexibility during changing construction schedules. This can be critical in adapting to external events that would otherwise cause huge delays.

How Does It Work?

You place your order early enough for us to ‘Build it in Advance,’ and then we store it for free until you need them.  It’s that simple! You get to take care of the whole approvals process months ahead of time and have the peace of mind knowing your made-to-order lockers are ready to ship when you’re ready for them.

What if i don’t have the funding yet?

To take full advantage and pay NO storage fees, the invoice for the lockers will be sent upon completion of the construction of your lockers.  We’ll include photos of their completion and safe storage along with insurance documents so that you may remit payment and store within our facility for free.

If you can’t pay early because you’re waiting for budgets to clear, we even have a BuildADVANCE Lite Program where you can cover the cost of storage but still get your winter discounts on the project.

BuildADVANCE works well with DeBourgh’s Sourcewell Contract –  a procurement vehicle that has been competitively bid on a national level –  which is available to most public institutions.  Their in-depth review of all products with easy-access to supporting documentation ensures an easy review process.

What if i don’t have the full plan for my space?

DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program is also a perfect fit with our inBox line, the world’s only Modular, Stackable and Contactless Smart Storage and Access Control System. inBox offers end-to-end Smart Storage to protect valuable assets and saves you space because you can then create any variety of Smart Cabinets, Lockers and Furniture!

are smart lockers available on buildadvance?

inBox is compatible with a continuum of integrated lock types, comes with a large selection of optional materials for matching the interior designs of your building; and it has powered charging and networking capabilities. inBox’s building block design ensures shorter lead times and easier installation so you can get them right away! Find out more at: Modular Smart Spaces

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