Would Your Business Benefit From Parcel Lockers?

Over the last few decades, inbound mail in business environments has changed dramatically. The advent of email and electronic communication has greatly reduced the amount of paper material in mailrooms. Instead, parcels and packages now dominate mail deliveries.

However, one thing has not changed - the ability to drop off and pick up items in a secure and efficient manner.

Because more of us are receiving parcels at work, and because these packages are often delivered by couriers at practically any time, and mail departments can find themselves unable to keep up with the task of internal distribution. Even more, constant drop-offs of mail throughout the day can cause unwanted disruption, interrupting employees and distracting them from critical business tasks.

To combat these changes, businesses have opted to use parcel lockers, which are essentially automated package locker systems. Parcel lockers go by various names, but they allow parcels and packages to be dropped off at any time, securely stored, and retrieved by the recipient whenever is most convenient.

What Is a Parcel Locker?

A parcel locker is an automated package locker system that provides convenient and contact-free delivery. While these electric storage lockers aren’t a new solution, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity due to the COVID pandemic and due to the increase in delivery services.

Parcel locker systems are all designed to be simple and user-friendly. When a package is delivered to the locker, a barcode is scanned, a locker door opens automatically, the package goes in, and the door locks securely when it is closed. A notice is then sent via email or text message to the end users' phone to inform them of their parcel’s availability. At their convenience, the recipient goes to the parcel locker, enters the one-time PIN, or scans the unique barcode that was sent to them via an email or SMS, and the locker door pops open.

Parcel lockers have become commonplace at apartment complexes, business centers, universities, and even outside grocery stores. All kinds of contactless storage lockers are being adopted in a wide range of industries. Because of their simplicity, parcel lockers can be put to use in wide variety of ways, such as securely dispensing medication at hospitals or sensitive documents at banks

The Benefits to Your Business

1.As stated above, parcel locker systems allow for the centralization of mail distribution, which can reduce the amount of internal handling needed. This creates less work for everyone involved, freeing up more time for productivity on both ends. But decreasing the amount of internal work is not the only benefit of a parcel locker system.

2.Security is another reason why businesses of all kinds have begun to adopt automated package locker systems. Porch pirates are no match for these systems, which can come equipped with video surveillance and even sirens. Furthermore, parcel lockers are usually placed in secure, highly-visible areas. Additionally, when a parcel is delivered, the recipient is notified with a unique password or barcode. It would be almost impossible for someone to randomly guess a password to open a locker and take an item

3.Perhaps the greatest strength of a parcel locker system is the convenience they bring to delivery services and their recipients. With this contactless system, deliveries can be completed after-hours and recipients can retrieve the items when it is most convenient for them. When an item arrives, the recipient is notified, and they only need to walk down to the locker to retrieve their item. If they need to return an item, that is just as easy as printing a shipping label and placing it inside a pre-determined locker, which is then taken back by the delivery service.

4.Parcel locker systems can provide a better customer experience. Not only do customers avoid lines, they enjoy a seamless experience where they feel in control. The package recipients can decide when and where they will receive the item, and they can hold it in their hands and inspect it, right then and there. If the parcel locker system is near the same business, they can easily return the item only moments after receiving it.

5.Property managers and business managers love parcel lockers because they can increase revenue, eliminate inventory errors and increase customer loyalty. Data analytics are already being deployed in electric storage lockers that reveal how delivery systems can be streamlined while efficiently managing inventory. Such data, such as number and types of deliveries, as well as when packages are delivered and picked up, can help property managers align resources and optimize resident face time and revenue.

6.The ability to customize parcel locker systems means that your business - no matter what industry - can benefit. Locker systems come in all shapes and sizes, can be placed inside or outside, and can even be branded. Parcel lockers can be customized for a broad range of industries, from retail to military to food service delivery with custom refrigerated or heated lockers.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes stand to benefit from contactless storage locker systems. Debourgh offers custom systems that will fit the precise needs of your business. Looking for the automated Parcel Delivery locker? DeBourgh offers a variety of automated parcel locker system solutions. Contact us today!

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