Where Is the Best Place to Install a Parcel Locker System?

According to UPS, more than half of shoppers are interested in an alternate delivery location with extended hours and lower fees. In fact, 35% of these shoppers prefer parcel lockers. The convenience and security offered by package locker systems have proven valuable to consumers and retailers alike.

But where should you install your parcel lockers? Should they be kept outside or inside? If inside of a store, where exactly would they be most useful? These are all great questions, and ones that will be answered for you today.

Location is very important, especially when these locker systems can be placed anywhere, and used for a wide variety of business purposes. Today we will provide our insights on the most effective and efficient places to install parcel lockers.

Types of Locations to Install Parcel Locker Systems


Apartment Complexes:

Parcel locker systems offer extreme convenience to both residents and property managers while maintaining secure delivery. The most logical place to install lockers would likely be near the mail room or the administrative office/ lobby. For enhanced security, install lockers beyond a secured entry door that only residents have access to. Placing your parcel lockers in these locations would offer the most security and convenience. Another potential installment location would be near a fitness center or pool, both high-traffic areas.

Shopping Malls:  

Shopping malls get plenty of foot traffic and retailers would benefit from installment of parcel lockers near their storefronts. Installing a locker system in areas like food courts or in the center of a complex would actively draw in customers, increasing the chance that they make another purchase while at the mall. On the flip side, this would make returning or exchanging products easier for the consumer and the retailer. Security inside a mall would also not be much of a worry.


Grocery stores are a major part of everyday life. On average, a family likely visits a grocery store multiple times per week, making them great candidates for parcel locker systems, especially refrigerated parcel lockers for an alternative to grocery pickup service. But should the locker system be placed inside or outside of the store? If the supermarket is open 24/7, then it would make sense to install inside the store. If the store is not always open, then an installation just outside of the store would make sense. However, placing a parcel locker system within the store will increase the chances of residual purchasing.


It is becoming increasingly popular to use parcel lockers to dispense medications and controlled substances due to the built-in security. When a doctor prescribes a medication, the pharmacy team could then place it inside a locker, and hospital staff receive a code to unlock the unit and safely dispense the medicine. This offers a more secure method to disperse drugs, and it allows for easier tracking. Parcel lockers could also be placed inside the main lobby or cafeteria for patient or staff use, as healthcare workers often work long shifts and a parcel locker system would be a convenient way to securely receive personal deliveries.

Metro Stations:

There’s plenty of foot traffic inside metro stations to warrant installation of a parcel locker system. However, we offer a variety of other secure locker systems that would provide storage capabilities for commuters such as hallway lockers and intelligent locker systems.

Colleges and Universities:

Parcel locker systems perform very well at universities. Locker systems can be beneficial in many different places, as colleges tend to be very high traffic areas. Dormitories are prime candidates for parcel lockers, as well as student centers, libraries, and fitness centers. Outside of parcel lockers, an array of locker systems can be useful at colleges and universities where students either spend a majority of their time, or actually live on campus.

Fitness Centers:

Because fitness centers are often open at all hours, parcel locker systems offer ease of access for visitors and delivery services, while also offering a secure area for pickup. Fitness centers can also benefit from Debourgh’s durable athletic and fitness lockers that offer antimicrobial capabilities and are custom-designed to be easy to maintain.

Business Centers:

Business centers offer security and convenience for delivery services and consumers when placed inside lobbies or entrances. Offices feature a lot of foot traffic and also function as places where people spend a lot of their time. It’s becoming more and more common for works to receive packages at work where there is also regular mail pickup for easier returns. Whether or not managers may approve, this is the way that office culture is shifting.

Overall, parcel locker systems work well wherever there’s a high volume of foot traffic, and they can be customized and retrofitted in old or new buildings. They can be placed inside or outside, and come in a variety of colors with further options for branding. There’s very little downside to investing in a parcel locker system for your business. It’s rare that a product can benefit so many different people, but our parcel locker systems can solve many different logistical problems.

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