What Type of Parcel Locker Is Best for Your Business?

Lockers - for all their simplicity - come in many shapes and sizes, serving various needs and users. While they may seem like antiquated technology, today’s lockers are not the same as those in your high school hallways or gym. Smart lockers and parcel locker systems can come with various upgrades, such as surveillance and security systems, refrigeration or heating, remote access, and more. 

With so many options available, you need to know what kind of locker would serve your business and end users in the best way possible. The real difference-maker for the locker industry has been adopting technology - turning a seemingly simple object into a multi-functional, problem-solving addition for any business seeking to enhance the client experience. From retail to the military, lockers now serve an important purpose to businesses of all kinds.

Read on below as we explain the different kinds of lockers and their benefits.

1.Ventilated aluminum lockers, while very low-tech, are still valuable for many reasons. Useful in gyms, large warehouses, or even for military storage. Items like uniforms, bulk materials, or even ammunition can be securely stored. This kind of locker can be retrofitted to enable keyless technology and comes in multiple colors and sizes to fit your needs. If you have heavy tools and equipment that you need to be secured, this is the right fit for you. However, if those materials need to be kept in certain conditions (such as temperature or being kept dry), you may want to consider some other options for optimal storage. One of the main benefits of aluminum lockers is their strong durability and their simplicity. These types of lockers will last you a long time and offer enduring protection while being suitable for a range of industries and purposes.

2.Modular parcel lockers are useful for retail, apartments, and for certain businesses and mail rooms. Parcel locker systems are now commonly seen outside of grocery stores and convenience stores where items can be securely held for pickup. The modular design means that lockers can be installed and maintained easily. When a client needs more storage (or needs lockers taken out), it’s also easy to install more space for lockers. Modular parcel lockers come in many colors and many different materials from wood to metal to plastic. The versatile nature of these lockers makes them very popular in schools, businesses, and retail locations. Modular parcel lockers can be as low-tech as aluminum storage lockers, or they can be installed as smart lockers - which we will explain more on below.

3.Smart lockers or intelligent lockers may be a broad term, but we can explain it as any kind of locker that allows multi-user access control. For example, a smart locker can be placed within a school, allowing a student to temporarily gain access by using a keycard, a personal PIN, or even an App on a phone. Once unlocked and items have been secured, the administrators will be able to view who accessed the locker and when. If needed, administrators have the ability to open the locker. Lockers can also be unlocked remotely, allowing access to those without a keycard to retrieve items. Smart lockers can help with issues such as security, but they also improve flexibility. When a student or user is done, the locker becomes available again. This way, a user can switch lockers to choose a more convenient location in a building. Certain smart lockers even offer technology to detect certain items or materials inside, such as weapons or contraband. Smart lockers can be very useful in places such as schools, large businesses, transportation centers, event venues, gyms, and much more. 

4.Self-service parcel lockers are similar to smart lockers, but they offer a one-time pickup for the user. For example, you have probably seen Amazon parcel lockers outside of apartment buildings or shopping centers. These parcel lockers are meant for secure dropoff and pickup. When an item is placed inside a secure locker, the intended recipient is notified with an email or text, usually accompanied by a password or PIN that allows the recipient to unlock a locker. Whenever it is most convenient for the recipient, they can retrieve their items without worrying about theft. Self-service parcel lockers are also useful for front-desk personnel because they need not manage packages and worry about securing them. Self-service parcel lockers free up time for your staff and your clients, helping avoid lines and improving efficiency.

5.Refrigerated lockers or climate-controlled lockers offer solutions for cold-storage items or other materials that must be stored at a certain temperature such as medicines. Refrigerated lockers can be useful for everyday tasks such as grocery pickup, but refrigerated lockers are also found in hospitals, pharmacies, and more. These units often have surveillance capability that allows for leak detection, temperature monitoring, and energy usage. Once an item has been retrieved, the unit can be reset to a different temperature to ensure that not too much energy is being used on an empty unit. 

Smart lockers and parcel locker systems have the ability to maximize your workforce’s efficiency while also improving your client’s experience. Even standard hallway lockers can be used to brighten up a dark hallway or add a little more flare to an otherwise empty space.

The fact of the matter is, lockers can transform your business for the better. You just need to know what kind to choose - and there are many options. Your needs are unique, and here at DeBourgh we are always happy to custom-build a solution for you.

If you’re looking to lock in a partner in the parcel locker business, please contact us today!

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