The Key Benefits of Smart Storage in Flexible Office Settings

Work and office culture has changed dramatically in the last few years. Office employees have begun to value different things from an office, such as flexibility and the option to move around within a space. Smart office locker systems can be a way to offer this to your employees while elevating the overall design and flow of your office.

Benefits of Smart Locker Storage in a Dynamic Workplace


The great thing about this dynamic system is that it can always be adjusted to any specific situation, wishes, and requirements of a company, making it both user-friendly and intuitive. The reconfigurations of flexible workspaces usually require an equally smart locker management system that can keep up with the changing environment. Smart storage is an innovative locker system that allows the user to configure the system to suit their specific needs. The workforce is already under pressure, so adding to that pressure can be avoided by letting employees manage the locker space themselves.


For any successful business remodel, user-friendly office décor is an important aspect, and a well-designed and thought-out locker system can make a difference. Consider that some offices now offer hot-seating or hotel seating, where an employee may choose to sit at a different desk each day. It provides more opportunities for collaboration and co-mingling, but it requires a locker set up so that employees can store items in a central location, and then take their work materials to a specific seat.

Storage Walls As Space-Savers:

By using locker systems, businesses can eliminate office walls and cubicle partitions. This office design strategy opens up views and also optimizes expensive real estate. If you operate in expensive urban spaces, then locker systems could be a great way to make the most of out of that square footage. Lockers can be used to brighten up formerly empty, dark hallways. Locker systems can also be used to create partitions - doubling as barriers for privacy in open office settings.


If you currently have lockers in your office and don’t want to invest into an entirely new system, you may be able to replace the locks and retrofit them with smart locks. Whatever direction you choose to go with a locker system, it’s important that lockers are easy to use and durable. Your employees will be using these lockers multiple times per day, so the experience should feel seamless and secure.

Enable Self-Management:

Smart locker systems are intuitive and generally don’t require any burden of management. Employees simply log in to a system, reserve a locker, and feel safe knowing that their contents are secure. Some lockers can even be unlocked remotely, and many automatically lock when closed.

No More Puzzling with Seating Charts:

A dynamic workplace will likely see its fair share of churn in the workforce. The rapid turnover that sometimes occurs with employees can become a problem when a static seating chart is used. When an employee is hired or fired, a new desk must be assigned, a new nameplate attached, and the desk must be cleared and then moved into by the new employee. With dynamic seating and smart locker systems, there’s much less work involved when new team members arrive or leave. With no assigned seating and smart lockers, you never have to worry about the puzzles that come along with seating charts.

Health and Safety Benefits:

Smart lockers are connected to a software management system, which will flag when they need cleaning. Once an employee releases the locker, it can be ‘held-back until it’s clean’ and a notification sent to the cleaning crew. So, every employee has an available and clean locker, and facilities are used optimally. Also, with no pin pad to access and self-opening capabilities, lockers can be nearly touchless for employees. Some smart lockers can also document who has used it previously, which can be beneficial if any contact tracing must be carried out.

Better For Recruiting:

It’s becoming clear: the future of work will not be static. The typical working environment is already more agile, dynamic, and distributed than ever before. In terms of employer attractiveness, the ability to continually offer a (mainly uninterrupted) positive, inspiring, collaborative, modern, and safe employee experience will be key.

From health and safety to optimizing expensive real estate, the humble locker can offer a range of benefits to your bottom line and your employees. Smart lockers don’t require management, and they can easily be customized to match your current decor. You may be surprised by how elegant a smart locker system can be - and the applications can be near-endless. You can transform your mail room or your on-site fitness center with locker systems.

At DeBourgh, our Intelligent Lockers are scalable, modular, and fully customizable systems that secure your assets so you don’t have to worry about it. Speak with us today to learn more about how lockers can transform your office for the better!

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