The Convenience of Parcle Lockers

The past few years have seen a surge in e-commerce, and there are no signs that it will slow down. The continued adoption of smartphones, widespread access to technology, and the convenience of shopping from wherever you might be at any time of day or night all contribute to its rapid growth.Parcel lockers are increasingly being used by large and small businesses to ensure that clients and employees have safe, secure access to delivery items.

Let’s Take A Look At Some 0f The Top Benefits Of Using Parcel Lockers.

Electronic Logging of Deliveries

Parcel lockers make it easy to track deliveries as well as pickups. Without parcel lockers, someone in the mail room has to process packages—generally delivered in bulk—then make themselves available during working hours to hand over packages as recipients pick them up. This requires at least one staff member to be dedicated to this task, and the risk of human error is ever-present. In today’s pandemic world, it makes contact less delivery difficult.

Parcel lockers ensure that delivered items are logged when the carrier places them inside. Then it is logged again when the recipient picks it up. This saves money by removing the need for another person to handle the package physically. It also reduces the margin of error dramatically.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

In a business setting and package recipients include employees, they can enjoy the convenience of picking up their packages when their schedule allows rather than try to rush to get to the mail room at a certain time.

Mail room staff too report higher satisfaction with their jobs when they do not have the responsibility of package tracking. The inevitable delays as a result of human error can be stressful. Plus, their time is freed up to handle other duties that require their attention.

24/7 Accessibility

As soon as a package is delivered to a parcel locker, it can be picked up by the recipient. If parcel lockers are in a location that offers 24/7 access, this means the package can be picked up day or night. This again eliminates the need for a mail room staffer to monitor packages after they are delivered. The convenience of this arrangement improves the experience for all involved—from customer to employee.

Faster Delivery at a Lower Cost

The more people who handle a package, the more likely it is that package will be delayed or damaged. Company mail rooms are typically staffed during regular business hours only, which can also delay delivery if those hours are not convenient for the recipient. By adding parcel lockers to the premises, packages can be picked up as soon as the recipient can get there, regardless of mail room staffing hours. Parcel lockers are a lot cheaper than paying for an extra employee’s salary.


When deliveries are logged electronically, there are fewer people who have to handle the package from the time the carrier delivers it to the time the recipient picks it up.

Businesses, multifamily residential complexes, and others like using parcel lockers because of the added security. Instead of leaving a package outside of a doorway and vulnerable to theft by so-called porch pirates,it can be placed in a parcel locker where it remains safe and secure until the recipient is ready to get it.

Automatic Acceptance

In many instances, there needs to be a photo of a package to prove that it was delivered, but someone can still get to the package before the recipient grabs it (see porch pirates, above). Sometimes a package might need a signature to prove that it was received. But with a parcel locker, the package is considered received automatically. Parcel lockers offer the best way to ensure a courier gets a package to a recipient without having to hand over the package and get a signature. Consequently, a parcel locker is basically the equivalent of a signature on delivery.

In short, making an investment in parcel delivery lockers should be a no-brainer for any organization. They are a win-win with a hefty return on investment, an increase in employee workplace satisfaction, a better customer experience, and more cost-effective than humans.Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality, storage lockers.


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