Smart Locker Solutions for Temporary Customer Storage: Mail, Parcel, or Retail

If you’re a department manager in charge of orders and deliveries, your job can be much easier. Streamline your Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) curbside order pick up with automated, contactless package locker systems. New parcel delivery technology increases your efficiency with indoor and outdoor lockers ideal for extending store hours. Twenty-four-hour delivery access offers employees and customers convenience and flexibility. Companies that benefit include:

  • Retail Stores expanding delivery options
  • Businesses with parcel delivery and pick up areas
  • Commercial property management for residences and business offices

Online shopping rates and curbside orders will continue to increase, and automated lockers let employees spend more time serving customers instead of managing orders. Smart storage and delivery lockers are a great benefit to retail businesses and consumers. Many companies, corporate mailrooms, and package delivery services have already updated to automated lockers for self-service options, reducing customer wait times along with employee workloads.

How do you get started?

If you have been overwhelmed with managing both in-store customers and pickup orders simultaneously, we help you choose which smart lockers will improve operational efficiency and offer cost-savings for your business in the future. 

Determine whether you will be integrating smart technology into existing storage or delivery areas or if you need customized design and installation of a new locker system. You can combine access control software and locks that use a one-time use bar code, keycode, or pin, making it more secure. Various combinations of locks and systems and attractive, high-quality modular component are used to:

  • Maximize space 
  • Add flexible color schemes and business logos to integrate with room interiors 
  • Offer high-quality, attractive finishes that last
  • Combine different sized lockers for wall mount, floor, and mobile use

Solve the problem of regulated capacity limits for physical locations by allowing consumers more convenience to pick up their online orders at a secure location. Or improve your company’s internal mail delivery system. Either way, keyless lock systems are assigned and monitored remotely to report activity and notify users of deliveries.

What will it look like?

Business operations improve as employees and clients can pick up parcels at their convenience. Store associates won’t have to make customers wait in line while someone looks up their order, and greater efficiency will lower customer service complaints. Faster deliveries help your businesses adapt and thrive by:

  • Enhancing merchandise or document transfers from location to location 
  • Allowing ship-to-store orders that bring consumers back to your physical location
  • Reducing shipping costs on orders and returns
  • Offering convenient 24-hour access

Package locker systems are contactless and support social distancing by reducing unnecessary interactions. It lowers the incidence of missing or stolen items by monitoring activity in real-time. 

What information will you need to present to the board?

Our team of storage experts designs the locker system to update your current storage areas or integrate new lockers and software systems into your building plans. We provide estimates, submit drawings, and include timelines to optimize your project.

Ask about our BuildADVANCE Program to leverage lower off-season pricing regardless of the date of construction. 

Contact us to ensure your retail business or corporation has the latest technology in package locker systems for employee and customer safety and security. Intelligent lockers are scalable, customizable electronic locker systems that give you a secure space to ship and store parcels. DeBourgh is well-known for its smart lockers!

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