Residential Parcel Delivery Lockers Help Property Managers Save Time & Money

Residents of apartments, condos, townhomes, and multi-family properties report that reliable package delivery is their top-rated amenity. A survey of 2,000 community managers confirmed that 57 percent believe package lockers are the best way to deliver items to residents. However, less than half of the communities surveyed had parcel delivery lockers. Why? Because they believed they were too costly.

According to the National Apartment Association, installing an automated locker system or smart lockers is not an expense; it actually saves money and time.

How Do Residential Parcel Lockers Reduce Management Costs?

One way installing a Smart Locker System at your multi-family housing unit saves both time and money is in reduced workload for the property manager and staff. Studies show that processing the delivery of just 15 packages uses up to an hour of staff time. 

According to a survey in November 2020 by C + R Research, 59 percent of residents reported receiving at least one package weekly. That processing time can add up quickly. With an Intelligent Locker System, package couriers deliver to the parcel lockers and send an electronic notification to the recipient and the property manager. The resident can pick the package up at their convenience using a temporary access code they receive, and the property manager is then notified of the pick-up. Property managers can easily track packages on a dashboard on their computer or smartphone without traveling to the resident’s building. Property managers can also override the system remotely to assist access or block access to a delivery locker as the situation requires. No more inconvenient late night or rainy day trips to ensure packages are delivered, and residents are happy.

Reduction in Package Theft 

Forty-three percent of respondents to the 2020 C + R survey reported having a package stolen. When a resident’s package is stolen, it triggers a series of events that can be very time-consuming and stressful for property managers. Paperwork must be filed, including police reports, in an attempt to locate the missing package and follow-up with the individual resident regarding the resolution of the situation. Repeated package theft also affects the perception of safety and security for both current and potential residents and can have a negative impact on rental rates.

Improving the Value of Your Property without Major Renovation Costs 

The beauty of an electronic parcel locker system is that it is not necessary to have an individual locker for each resident as they are automatically reassigned after each use. So, you don’t necessarily need additional space to implement a Smart Locker System. DeBourgh planning and logistics experts can help you design an automated locker system that works within your current limitations and budget. 

Resident Security, Convenience, and Happiness 

It’s hard to put a price on resident satisfaction. But every community manager knows the actual cost of dissatisfied residents. The community members have made it clear that safe, secure, contactless parcel delivery available 24/7 is a big concern. DeBourgh Lockers help you satisfy your resident’s needs, attract new community members, improve your property value, and save hours of staff time by installing a durable, environmentally friendly locker system in colors that complement your decor. Our Intelligent Lockers are scalable, modular, and fully customizable systems that secure your assets, so you don’t have to worry about it.

In addition to all the cost-savings of implementing an electronic parcel locker system, DeBourgh can also help you by getting your project rolling while you are waiting for budgets to clear. Our BuildADVANCE Program allows us to build and store your project at no charge until your funds are released, so you can begin providing increased value and service to your community today.

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