Prepare For The Future With DeBourgh’s Automated Smart Locker Systems

Recent data for the smart locker industry shows excellent customer satisfaction, and exploding growth is predicted for the future. These advanced lockers became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic and proved their worth for a variety of purposes for businesses and consumers. DeBourgh All-American Lockers is poised to provide the latest automated locker systems technology for a rapidly changing world.

According to a new study released by Pitney Bowes in July 2021, 48% of survey participants use smart lockers for online package delivery, and one in four use them to secure expensive items. Contactless delivery was cited as a preference for 54% of respondents. Millennials, urban residents, and office workers enjoy using convenient, automated locker systems for their parcel deliveries.

More than half of the respondents felt nervous about using traditional delivery methods due to the increase in package theft. Security and a positive impact on the carbon footprint by reducing emissions for multiple package carriers were important factors in the study. With a new, potential hybrid work environment, smart lockers are the perfect solution for better efficiency in residential communities (such as apartment buildings and condominium complexes) and at the office (especially with multiple buildings, high rises, and warehouses).

What Are Smart Lockers?

Smart lockers provide the ideal solution for managing and protecting both personal and high-value business items. They feature a digital storing and distribution software that has recently streamlined the connection between consumers and retail companies. Customers at home can shop online, and the order uses a software system to assign it to a locker. The system communicates to the recipient via text or email when the order has been delivered, with a unique PIN or QR code to retrieve the item(s).

Businesses also use smart lockers for vendor deliveries and internal company mail to track package locations and reduce the personnel required to check on them manually. They immediately reduce lost and stolen items.

DeBourgh offers AssetTracer technology for customers to store, track and charge devices in locker compartments as well. Many businesses have employees using multiple digital devices, two-way radios, cell phones, laptops, and other expensive work assets to get their jobs done. Each locker automatically tracks when it has been opened and by whom.

Advantages of Smart Lockers

Companies and their customers want to ensure personal and proprietary information is safe. Smart lockers are the best solution to secure and maintain essential equipment and confidential data. Smart lockers can be used for business equipment, evidence, police gear, electronics, and other highly sensitive items. They keep your investments safe.

Smart lockers, combined with customized features and software, can:

  • Store, track, and charge several devices in each compartment.
  • Use a wired or wireless asset tracking system to record all locker transactions.
  • Include emergency operation mode to ensure all systems remain powered during a network outage.
  • Record an audit trail of all assets contained in the locker.
  • Simplify compliance with automated logs and usage reports.
  • Offer 24/7 protection for confidential data and documents.

Prepare for the Future

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the push for contactless options increased. Business owners are trending toward systems that allow customers to control their valuables with less hassle. DeBourgh Mfg Co is well-known for its smart lockers. They are scalable, customizable automated locker systems that give you a secure space to ship and store parcels. You’ll find features that add digital access control, RFID detection, high-security locks, and charging facilities. We’ll make sure you are prepared for the future. Contact us today to discuss your company or community’s locker system needs.

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