Order Smart Locker Systems Using DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE Program

If you’re new construction project requires storage lockers, but the budget approval is scheduled for a later date, you can still place your order and schedule the installation later. With DeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE program, you can get the storage locker system built, have it securely stored, and pay for it when the time comes to install it. From hallway lockers to delivery lockers, we can discuss the design specifications and offer an accurate estimate. Present these project costs to your board of directors or project manager in the meantime. When this phase of construction or renovation isn’t a rush, advance planning offers more time to find the perfect smart locker solution.

The BuildADVANCE concept allows you to leverage off-season pricing and flexibility during construction projects. You can avoid delays during the process by placing orders early. Do you need modular spaces to maximize storage? Do you need access control features for high-value items? Would having them designed and built in advance for installation at a later date make it easier? We can make it happen. 

How it BuildADVANCE Works

If you have custom plans prepared or need us to engineer the space for you, contact us to explain your needs and choose smart locker product materials, dimensions, and accessories. We'll make recommendations based on the type of use, automated conveniences, and security options. We help you place your order so we can get to work ahead of your project deadline. Once your locker system is built, we store it at no charge until you need it. When construction is complete, we send an invoice. If you aren't ready to make a payment, you can cover the storage cost and still get your product discount through the BuildADVANCE Lite program. This program helps if you're waiting on budgets to clear but want to take advantage of seasonal product discounts.

To get the most out of the BuildADVANCE opportunity and not pay storage fees, DeBourgh sends the invoice for the lockers once complete and includes photos of the work, storage facility, and insurance documents. When payment is received, we store your lockers at our warehouse at no charge. This program is an excellent fit for our inBox line of products. InBox is the only modular, stackable, and contactless smart storage and access control system to protect valuable assets.

When you're ready, we will deliver your products to the worksite and begin the installation of the locker system. You've been given our best deals and were able to meet the project deadline by taking advantage of our unique opportunity.

DeBourgh Resources for Competitive Pricing

The BuildADVANCE works in combination with DeBourgh’s Sourcewell Contract, which is available to most public institutions. Our Sourcewell Contract is a procurement vehicle that has been competitively bid on a national level.

A Sourcewell Contract provides access to the following products:

  • School hallway lockers and storage
  • Athletic lockers
  • Health club lockers and storage
  • Police and fire lockers, and gear storage
  • Industrial lockers and storage
  • Amusement park lockers and storage
  • Package locker systems
  • Government and military lockers and gear storage
  • Testing center lockers and storage
  • Metal casework
  • Multiuser locks

We work with Sourcewell to provide optimal solutions at the best price available. You can find more information about this procurement program online.

For more details about the BuildADVANCE program, visit our website. You can browse our products according to industry, locker type, access and asset control, and integrated software and security features. DeBourgh can help whether outfitting an educational institution, office building, hospital, public service facility, government agency, manufacturing, or warehousing space. Our modular system provides the most flexible and customized storage while covering all of your smart cabinet and All-American locker needs!

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