Investment in College Parcel Delivery Lockers Pay Off

College students get a lot of packages, more than the average person. The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that college students are responsible for 30 percent of global e-commerce spending to the tune of $200 billion annually. That translates to an unprecedented number of college mailroom transactions and an increasing strain on old-school mailroom setups. Many schools are updating to an automated locker system.

College students purchase most of their goods online: textbooks, notebooks, computers, clothing, sports gear, groceries, and toiletries. Students even buy thrift store items using their tablets and phones.

Just over half of these eCommerce sales will be made through mobile devices in 2021. Students are tracking these purchases with mobile applications and want to track the delivery and pick-up status of their packages the same way.

Eighty percent of online shoppers and 63 percent of mobile shoppers think that new technologies and innovations improve their experience, according to the National Retail Federation. These online shoppers say they are eager to embrace new solutions like parcel delivery lockers that will streamline their purchasing experience.

Save Time and Money with Expert Planning and Design

Investing in Smart Lockers will not only help you meet the expectations and demands of a tech-savvy college student population but can help you save money in a variety of ways. 

The key is in the expert planning, modular units, and tested, reliable automated locker systems engineering. DeBourgh leads the way in all of these categories and combines this with unparalleled budget control planning that will keep your costs from spiraling. 

DeBourgh can help you integrate your new parcel delivery locker system with your current campus mail system, saving money on the time and labor needed to coordinate multiple parcel procedures and track mail campus-wide.

Intelligent locker allow for contactless parcel drop-off and collection, reducing or eliminating the need for personnel to hand out packages manually. Students can get an email notice of their package arrival and a corresponding code and delivery locker number to pick it up at a time convenient for them. Many students live a 24/7 lifestyle with odd hours juggling early morning and late-night classes, odd jobs, and activities at all hours of the day and night. Having the freedom to access their mail and parcels at their convenience dramatically increases student satisfaction and reduces customer service complaints from parents and students.

Increased Security Reduces Costs and Stress

Once students have picked up their package, the locker is reassigned for the next student's package. This rolling locker use minimizes the number of lockers needed and reduces the square footage of valuable campus real estate that the mailroom needs to occupy. If a student doesn't pick up within a certain time frame, the system can notify the mailroom manager to move the package to a holding area. The student and staff receive notification of this move, so everyone is informed. 

This tracking reduces package theft and the time, money, and personnel typically spent tracking down missing packages. Our Intelligent Lockers are scalable, modular, and fully customizable systems that secure your assets, so you don't have to worry about it.

Scalable Systems Ensure Ongoing Cost Savings

DeBourgh will help you set up an analytics dashboard so you can continually refine the delivery chain for the most cost-effective process for your and your students' changing circumstances, mail volume, and student population. You can brand your locker system with school colors and logos, and arrange modular portable lockers to fit your current space, so your school does not incur additional costs of building expansion. Your campus mailroom will no longer be a stale, overstuffed storage facility but a vibrant, efficient high-tech hub that packages pass through quickly. 

DeBourgh has decades of experience working within university budgets and academic year timelines. Ask about our BuildADVANCE program that allows us to start and complete the construction of your project while waiting for your budget to clear.

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