How to Use DeBourgh Smart Locker Storage Solutions for Events

If you operate an event, you know that participants are faced with the dilemma of what to do with important belongings while attending or competing at the location. You don’t want to be liable, so where can they put their car keys, phone, wallet, extra clothes, or other gear? Have you had to help someone find a critical item you couldn’t track down? DeBourgh Smart Lockers are the answer.

Competitors in a race or contest can’t carry personal items or extra equipment with them during the event. From boat races to attending music festivals, you need to offer a sense of security. Sometimes people leave their valuables in their car, but that’s how things get stolen. Your event space can have outdoor lockers that are portable using modular components to store visitor and participant items.

DeBourgh has custom storage solutions for any event type, including built-in designs at event facilities and mobile units that travel to multiple locations with you. Durable finishes can match your interior décor or hold up in outdoor weather. They are easy for users to access, and event planners don’t have to keep track of locks or keys when using pin pads or barcodes on their smartphones. The addition of access control software lets the system reset the locks automatically and remotely. It makes perfect sense.

Gain Multiple Advantages with Smart Lockers

Depending on the type of event being handled by your company, you may have your own supplies and equipment that need securing. Maybe it’s a multi-day festival. You might set up sporting events that offer shower facilities post-race. Athletic lockers can be placed nearby with enough room for backpacks, shoes, mini coolers, and other small items. There is no reason you, the event staff, or participants need to carry extra items around:

  • Save trips to and from your vehicles and between facilities
  • Locate supplies safely in multiple locations ahead of schedule
  • Enhance your security with smart locks that use scan codes and pin pads
  • Reassign locker access remotely
  • Reduce your liability for lost or stolen personal items

Convenience is important to event-goers. They need options for storage, especially if they’re attending a multi-day tournament or other competition. For event planners, attractive smart lockers can better organize your space and give it a more professional look. During entertainment or competitions, participants often leave clothing, gear, or personal things lying around on floors and tables unattended. Event lockers are the best way to keep the space clean and neat.

Increase Your Event Revenue

Event planners managing large occasions have additional revenue potential when offering conveniences. You can charge a locker rental fee during your events. People attending won’t mind paying a reasonable price to protect their belongings. A few dollars per locker can add up to thousands in gross revenue. Additionally, you can sell branded sponsorships with company logos or other promotional items near the locker areas. Approach smaller sponsor prospects and ask them to include coupons or even random prizes like shirts, pens, or other giveaways inside athletic lockers. Enhance your participant experience by thinking outside the storage locker box. DeBourgh modular units and smart locker systems make great custom rental storage.

Plan ahead for your next event. DeBourgh Mfg Co offers different storage solutions, including electronic storage lockers, outdoor lockers, school lockers, police lockers, military lockers, and parcel delivery lockers. Your events will stand out from the rest. Contact us today to discuss our high-quality, All-American storage lockers.

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