How Smart Lockers Protect Industrial Organizations from Cyber Security Risks

A new report by Positive Technologies shows nearly all industrial organizations (91%) are vulnerable to a cyberattack. The study found that hackers can gain access and control over IT infrastructure in 100% of all cases. In over two-thirds (69%) of these cases, cybercriminals can steal sensitive organization information, including details about partners, company employees, and internal documents.

What Makes Your Company Vulnerable to Cyberattack?

Data from the Positive Technologies study found that many industrial businesses use outdated software that doesn’t properly integrate with other systems. This creates multiple security gaps with detrimental consequences. During a 2021 virtual cyber event, hackers gained control and caused an explosion at a gas station, proving one of many ways cyberattacks can wreak havoc and devastation.

“Today, the level of cybersecurity at most industrial companies is too low for comfort,” Olga Zinenko, senior analyst at Positive Technologies, said. “In most cases, internet-accessible external network perimeters contain weak protection, device configurations contain flaws, and we find a low level of ICS (Industrial Control System) network security and the use of dictionary passwords and outdated software versions present risks.”

How Can DeBourgh Help Maximize Cyber Security Efforts?

At DeBourgh, we can connect organizations, employee processes, and client deliverables using high-quality storage locker systems complete with security options. This includes making sure your sensitive information is safe using smart locker technology that tracks permissions and access to digital devices and proprietary data. We’ve designed Access Control lockers with AssetTracer and KeyTracer software to minimize your vulnerability. Regularly updated systems can be monitored 24/7 for real-time reporting.

What are the Risks of Cyberattack?

In today’s digital world, companies need to keep their data and other sensitive information secure using the latest software and security programs created for specific business types and industries. Holes in cyber security systems cause potential threats that can access your personal computers, mobile phones, business operating systems, and any internet and Bluetooth connected devices and result in:

  • Damaged financial security, business operations, and reputation with clients.
  • Blocked information access, leading to deleted information and accounts or holding the data hostage.
  • Complicated employment, business services, transportation, and control of the power grid.

How Can Companies Protect Themselves Against Cyberattack?

DeBourgh recommends evaluating your current IT security systems to find solutions and increase security before a cyberattack hits. Smart locker systems can be an integral part of the process. Prevention is key in making sure you keep your company safe far into the future. Some ways to avoid an attack include:

  • Keeping all business software programs updated.
  • Using strong passwords, PIN codes, fingerprint or facial recognition access, and dual-process authentications.
  • Accessing secure internet and intranet communications for security gaps.
  • Watching for suspicious activity, both internal and external company communications asking for personal information.
  • Updating antivirus solutions, malware, and firewalls on a set schedule.
  • Regularly backing up files using encrypted files and storage devices.
  • Storing digital devices, external hard drives, expensive or hazardous equipment, and sensitive documents in a smart locker with controlled and monitored access.

Smart Locker Systems Integrating Cyber Security Features

At DeBourgh, we offer a variety of products that keep your information safe, including Volta Access Control Lockers. These intelligent lockers integrate with your existing access control or security systems and allow you to open or lockdown the lockers any time, from anywhere. With AssetTracer Lockers, you can track evidence, laptops, or cameras and use it to limit the number of employees who use certain computers or equipment to reduce your chances of cyberattacks.

Keypads and biometric identification are preferred when possible, but we also offer KeyTracer KTA Series to manage all access and reporting of users with the KeyTracer software dashboard. You can stop unauthorized access and limit your exposure to cyberattacks using multiple measures. Long-term implementation of security protocols will help keep cybercriminals out with ongoing strategic security planning. Contact us today! DeBourgh Mfg Co's electric access control lockers safeguard your assets with secure storage, RFID detection, and charging facilities. Find out more about our high-security lockers.

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