How Fire Station Managers Can Use Modular Storage and Lockers to Improve a Chaotic Workplace

Fire station managers have plenty of responsibilities, and this includes making sure their staff is safe and comfortable when spending their days and nights on call. The fire station is a volatile workplace, meaning that personal effects are exchanged for firefighting gear without notice once that alarm sounds. Items must be kept secure when they are not in use.

Many fire station managers have realized that with COVID-19 and PPE compliance, their storage and locker environment might need an upgrade.

Proper Storage in the Fire Station Environment

Given the chaotic environment of a fire station, ensuring that you have the right storage solutions in place can make life easier—and safer—for personnel. The right storage and locker system can also keep items protected and secure when first responders are out on a call. An environment that is organized and pleasant to the eye can also help with the incredible amount of stress first responders experience—especially when a pandemic has made their jobs all that much harder and more dangerous

A correctly designed storage area can provide the following benefits:

  • Proper storage of PPE items that increase the safety of users and prolong the life of protective gear and tools
  • Privacy and security for clothing and other personal items in firehouse living quarters
  • Secure and convenient access to contamination-free turnout gear when a call is announced—and time is of the essence
  • Modular smart locker components are not only space-saving and eye-appealing, but they can reduce misplaced or stolen items
  • Contactless storage lockers are safe and give emergency responders peace of mind

An Appealing Design That Provides Security and Durability

Every fire station has a different footprint with different availability and floor space for storage, lockers, and security. Whether you need mobile, modular, freestanding, or wall-mounted solutions to fit your facility and to meet you personnel’s needs, we have you covered.

We can create a custom storage system that includes any combination of the following:

  • Apparatus compartment storage to keep tools and other gear organized and accessible, even in tight spaces
  • Components with convenient features such as lights, steel racks, and electrical and USB outlets
  • Contactless storage lockers to keep gear and personal effects well ventilated and secure
  • Common storage areas to make cleaning and maintenance of vehicles and buildings convenient
  • Mobile cart storage that accommodates fire hose and other equipment
  • Sturdy, lockable mobile workstations for emergency response training equipment or maintenance and repair tools

Once new storage systems are in place, access control systems are created to track items and verify users while still providing personnel with the quick access they need to do their jobs effectively. A smart locker can integrate with thefire station’s existing security, automatically tracking who was last to use an item and whether it was returned for use.This helps to speed up reaction times while keeping administrative and maintenance process costs under control.

Other advantages include:

  • Automatically logging transactions to ensure compliance
  • Keeping track of facility assets
  • Integrating storage with security
  • Real-time reporting
  • Tracking of electronic devices

Our stackable locker modules are custom-built to your precise needs for the best in flexibility. Modular Smart Spaces offer a variety of lock types and configurations, including:

  • Benches that double as shelving areas for books and training manuals
  • Cabinets and lockers for keeping protective equipment accessible and secure
  • Lockable storage for valuable electronics or controlled substances
  • Secure personal storage for personnel while they are on duty
  • Workstations set up for equipment maintenance and repairs

Getting Your Plan Approved

It’s one thing to have a wish list of storage items and lockers for your fire station, but you’ll need a detailed renovation proposal to get required approval. We will work with you to design the solutions you need, provide accurate estimates with no surprises, and create realistic timelines—all to ensure your project goes smoothly without delays and other interruptions.

You can even take advantage ofDeBourgh’s BuildADVANCE program, which offers off-season pricing—regardless of when construction actually takes place. We do our best to ensure you get the solutions you need at a budget that makes sense—and we do it with the highest quality standards and performance.

To learn how to make your fire station more efficient throughDeBourgh’s storagesolutions, contact us today.

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