Finishing Details

Sloped Top

Sloped Tops prevent accumulation of books, clothes, and other materials on top of lockers. DeBourgh constructs the 18 gauge slope top as a separate unit from the locker. This allows the lockers to be moved into a recessed area at a later time if desired. The slope top is attached at the factory with tamper proof fasteners to reduce installation time.




Closed Base

When no built in floor bases are available, the closed base provides unparalleled strength and off-the-floor protection. A rugged 14 gauge, 4 inch base is welded to the bottom of the locker at the factory.




Solid End Panel

Solid End Panels

DeBourgh's 16 gauge Solid End Panels can be used at the end of a locker row or in void areas to provide an attractive, finished appearance.






Spacer Channels

The 16 gauge U-shaped spacer channel reinforces the locker bottom allowing for easier installation and strengthening the integrity of the entire locker unit when closed bases are not used.





Forged steel hooks are the strongest in the industry; Our hooks are zinc coated for corrosion and wear resistance.





Clothing Rod

The optional Clothing Rod is strong, durable and heavy plated for long-term use.

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