Essential Lockers for the Workplace

Why Smart Lockers Make Sense in Today’s Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on work. Digital technologies that use to be “nice to haves” have rapidly become “must haves.” A smart workspace delivers new ways of working and improves efficiency for everyone.  Smart lockers for staff personal storage and delivery items have a prominent place in the smart building and smart workplace movement.

The use of lockers has increased considerably in recent years, but using old school locks no longer makes sense. Without smart locks, businesses leave a gaping hole in their digital strategy and create a less-than-optimal user experience. Let’s take a look at the reasons it makes sense to invest in smart lockers for your workplace.

Offices Have Gone Digital

The way we work has changed, and there is less paper to deal with these days, thanks to digital storage. Many offices are focusing more on collaboration and congregation rather than tethering employees to desks. Some employees may only come into the office occasionally as working from home remains popular. This opens up a need for somewhere for employees to store their “stuff” when they are in the office. Even if they no longer have a designated desk or cubicle, employees still need a secure place for their possessions. Whenever a team member from another location visits the workplace, they too will need a convenient place to store their gear.

Cutting Down on Clutter

It’s not easy to create a working environment that works for everyone, but making people feel at home with their own clearly identified and individual storage spaces helps keep employees feelin connected. A smart locker protects personal belongings—and offers easy access.

Smart lockers also make it easier for employees to stay organized by giving them a place to keep their coats, bags, and other personal items, keeping the work environment free of clutter. Kowing that there is only a designated space for a person’s items, employees have a tendency to carry only the essentials, which further supports keeping the workplace clutter to a minimum.


As the office continues on a paperless trend, the workplace continues to go digital. People are bringing more and more high-dollar items along with them to work, such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones in purses or backpacks. Personal property theft is not uncommon in the workplace. The presence of these gadgets has made smart lockers highly indispensable in the workplace environment.

Storing of Work Equipment and Personal Files

Most workplaces will benefit from a secure locker storage system that sets aside a large amount of space aside for storing work equipment and other items. Personal storage systems and shared storage are not only practical, but they create a well-designed workplace has been shown to increase team engagement as well as productivity.

A Decorative Element of Uniformity

Without the use of storage lockers, clutter can lead to a look of disharmony in the office. Lockers support a professional-looking environment, which is what clients like to see when they visit the premises. Using a mixture of colors and materials on locker doors is an easy, cost-effective way to make a design statement that reflects your company culture and brand. While it usually makes sense to purchase furniture in simple tones, lockers are a great way to customize the workplace and make it unique to your company. Postal slots and moveable internal fittings are common customizable additions and employees can be given the freedom to personalize their locker with an identifying photo and internal accessories.

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