Enjoy the Great Outdoors with DeBourgh’s Smart Lockers- Durable, Convenient, and Safe

June is Great Outdoors Month, the start of the summer season, and a chance to enjoy some outdoor adventures after many months of feeling cooped up inside the house. 

Many people yearn to be outdoors to hike, bike, boat, and swim, so they can escape their everyday stressors, enjoy a sense of freedom, and boost their mood. They shouldn’t have to worry about their belongings and valuables while otherwise occupied. Where can people put personal items to protect them from theft and the elements? Providing secure locker systems makes it easier for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy a relaxing, pleasurable outdoor experience.

Convenience and a Competitive Edge

More and more outdoor activity centers and recreation facilities are choosing to offer outdoor storage lockers as a value-added amenity for visitors. This convenience increases customer experience and improves the perceived quality of the establishment. With Debourgh’s wide range of locker styles and features, recreational facility managers can give their center a competitive edge and an updated look without breaking the bank. 

Most of us have seen or used outdoor storage lockers at amusement parks, bike transit centers, waterparks, and aquatic facilities. Now managers of every type of recreational location are adding storage lockers at outdoor running tracks, skateboard parks, basketball, tennis, and pickleball courts. 

Due to high public demand, lockers are also being installed at beaches and other waterfronts. Having belongings locked up safely, away from thieves, and protected from the sun, water, and wind, give visitors peace of mind for the entire day. Being able to fully engage in the moment while surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or swimming makes the difference between a phenomenal experience and a disappointing one. 

For parents and caregivers, being able to focus attention on their children rather than their belongings not only reduces stress but can save lives. Patrons appreciate the convenience of these lockers and are willing to rent them, creating an additional source of revenue for park and recreation managers.

Rock-solid and Reliable

DeBourgh military-grade lockers are designed to withstand rain, snow, wind, sand, and extreme heat and cold. Our secure locker systems are so rock-solid and reliable; they even have a lifetime warranty. Eco-friendly powder coat finishes resist rust and graffiti and keep lockers scratch and ding-free. Antibacterial coatings resist, inhibit, and prevent the growth of microbes, including bacteria, fungus, viruses, and mold. These coatings also reduce the potential for staining, discoloration, and unpleasant odor. The days of corroded metal lockers have been replaced by quality aesthetics and clean amenities that meet increased consumer expectations.

Smart Lockers Reduce Site Managers’ Stress

DeBourgh’s Smart Lockers with remote access control via cell phone or laptop are an excellent choice for outdoor settings, enabling locker security and access to be controlled from any convenient location. Employees and managers won’t have to deal with patrons forgetting to remove locks, checking lockers in extreme weather conditions, or being on-site for early morning or late night calls.

Patrons also find Smart Lockers highly desirable because of the additional security built-in for their valuables such as watches, cellphones, and keys. And they have the ability to quickly resolve any access issues through remote customer service if they forget their PIN code. Locker users and recreation managers also appreciate not having to fumble with keys at night or in inclement weather.

High Value for Organizations on a Budget

Our military-grade lockers meet specifications with the Corps of Engineers for heavy-duty storage. But even our standard storage lockers can withstand rough and challenging environments and have proven their durability over a century of manufacturing. So, parks and recreation departments can increase value and level of service to the community without making a big dent in the budget. 

DeBourgh Lockers can also help you with your annual budget planning with our BuildADVANCE program. Place your order early, and payment can wait until construction is complete. We’ll store your locker systems at no charge until you’re ready to install. If you can’t pay for your locker system early because you are waiting for budgets to clear, our BuildADVANCE Lite Program is an option to help you move forward with your projects.

DeBourgh Mfg. Co offers different Storage Solutions including electronic storage lockers, outdoor lockers, School Lockers, Police Lockers, Military Lockers, Parcel Delivery Lockers. Contact us for help designing and installing new locker systems for your facility.

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