Do You Need More Secure or Flexible Inventory Control?

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Unmanned inventory control is a growing need as “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store”, and flex and multi-use space continue to be implemented and evolve. Protecting assets against theft, cyberattacks, and overall security issues is a concern that is growing right alongside these other conveniences.

Access to inventory – whether supplies, shipments, or personal items, needs to be safe, but also durable and easy to manage. Cost-effective solutions involve using technology that doesn’t require constant monitoring. Luckily, secure locker systems are incorporating top-level security and features that provide just that.

Keyless Lockers

Lockers with digital locking mechanisms can be programmed to allow access only to the correct people at the right time. This eliminates the need for keys, key management in the case of loss or lock change, and simple programming.

Badges or key cards, biometrics, or pin codes can be used to maximize both security and convenience.

Remote Delivery Lockers

Amazon continues to grow and innovate and their remote delivery lockers create security by allowing customers to ship to a secure location rather than take the chance of a delivery being stolen off a customer's porch.

This same concept can be implemented by apartment complexes, before or after hour vendors, and more. Delivery lockers allow for a one-time code for those needing to retrieve valuable deliveries when it is easiest for them to do so.

Shared Space Lockers

With flex space, open office concepts, employee shared space (just to name a few), the need for secured private space is growing. While a single person may not have a claim to a single desk or secure office, they need space to store valuables in short intervals.

A variety of size and shape configurations with secure lockers are possible, all with digital access that allows for maximum flexibility in how they are accessed. Similar to delivery lockers where a person can be assigned a temporary pin, and more secure and less clumsy than a padlock, these lockers are designed for durable safekeeping.


Whether needing a more secure inventory control system, one that is more flexible in use, or both, today’s new lockers need to be seen to believe how easy, durable, and important they truly are. This brief (<2 min) video explains more, or you can contact us for more information.

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