DeBourgh’s Story from Manufacturing Industrial Supplies to All American Lockers

It’s been over 110 years since DeBourgh All American Lockers manufactured its first products. We have come a long way to make our company among the best in the business. Four generations have carried out a family legacy.

DeBourgh was originally known as the “Berg Brothers” in Minneapolis, MN, specializing in poultry supplies, roofing, gutters, steel ceilings, and light metal works. The brothers sold the business in the early 1930s but never got paid for it, so they started up again under the old family name of “DeBourgh.”

DeBourgh Goes from Wartime to Locker Design

During World War II, the company manufactured struts for gliders, parts for B24 bombers, and rocking rollers for Bailey Bridges. The Berg family actually sold the company but decided to rebrand and change the name from “Berg Brothers” to DeBourgh Manufacturing to honor the name of their ancestors. In 1931, the University of Minnesota contracted with DeBourgh for a new locker design with easy maintenance and security. In the 1960s, Bob Berg redesigned the locker, patented the latching mechanisms, and added various sizes and options to the product line. This was the start of the “All American Lockers” we still manufacture today.

DeBourgh earned recognition for expertise in heavy steel fabrication and was awarded numerous contracts for earth-moving equipment, including soil compactors, dredging machines, and various cranes. The company also built pedestrian bridges used at parks, municipalities, golf courses, and recreational facilities through its “Town and Country Bridge” division. Tough times came when DeBourgh was forced to liquidate its fabrication department in 1989 following an economic dip in the steel industry. After selling its Town and Country Bridge division, the company relocated to a smaller plant in La Junta, CO.

Present Day DeBourgh All-American Lockers

The company’s path evolved to fill the need for custom manufactured locker systems using their expertise in welding and fabricating high-quality, durable metal designs that now add laminate, phenolic, or clear polycarbonate door and finishing panel materials. Products have changed from typical cabinet-style lockers to modular spaces configured to fit a tight room or redesign a workspace. They can be stationary or mobile units. Indoor or outdoor locker systems are engineered or built into surrounding structures to reinvent office, warehouse, and delivery processes. DeBourgh smart lockers now incorporate various lock types with wired or wireless keypads, touchscreens, and barcode systems that can be accessed, controlled, and monitored remotely 24/7. Security using iTrust® Enterprise Access Control software takes smart locker technology beyond simple storage.

The culture, reputation, and brand of our company has been built and safeguarded by the previous three generations of my family and their trusted partners ... to advance the business and support our local community.” - Patrick Berg, President of DeBourgh All American Lockers

Thanks to a university’s need for lockers, DeBourgh has become a leader in locker systems and secure storage in communities and across industries. Through strategic planning and hard work, we continue to take pride in its innovative products, offering a variety of smart lockers and accessories including automated features for contactless access, delivery, and security. At DeBourgh, our modular system provides the most flexible and customized storage while covering all of your smart cabinet and All American locker needs! Reach out for help selecting, pricing, and designing your storage system.

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