DeBourgh’s Intelligent Locker Designs : Proud to be Green

DeBourgh is known for high-quality and revolutionary products, such as our Intelligent Locker system design for everything from military to athletic lockers. But you may not know how we contribute to sustainable building with green construction. We offer superior building products to our clients, using improved production processes to reduce energy, recycle steel, and eliminate safety hazards.

DeBourgh Conservation Efforts

Sustainable efforts start with our workspaces, employees, environment, and practices. If we can run our departments more efficiently, then we can design products that will help you do the same.

  • We’ve converted to linear fluorescent lighting in our 110,000 square foot facility to use half the electricity as metal halide lights. We also installed radiant heat to reduce gas usage and provide more effective heating. And a ceramic filtration system cleans all water that leaves our facility. These efforts provide a comfortable workspace for employees, save on energy costs, and reduce any environmental harm.
  • DeBourgh designers and engineers create products in an environmentally responsible way and support the US economy by using as much domestic steel as possible. Our products are made with 20-30 percent post-industrial steel, and we reprocess any scrap at a nearby mill. We use recyclable powder coating technology instead of liquid paint finishing for all our products. It removes the need for hazardous solvents and thinners.
  • DeBourgh chose to plant 1,000 trees on 15 acres of land as part of our conservations efforts. The National Forest Service designated this land as the “tree farm” to provide oxygen release and sequester carbon for cleaner air.
  • The DeBourgh Wellness Committee launched a recycling program to reuse cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic. We’ve become more conscious of waste and continue to reduce it.

Green Construction

 DeBourgh’s conservation efforts align with The World Green Building Council’s definition of “green” construction. We can extend our resources to ensure your building also reduces negative environmental impacts through components we design and construct to improve your workspaces and operations. It’s important to us to contribute to green building practices because the future and our quality of life depend on it.

Some features of Green Construction:

  • Efficient use of energy, water, and other resources
  • Renewable energy, such as solar
  • Pollution and waste reduction measures, and recycling
  • Good indoor air quality
  • Non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable materials
  • Design, construction, and operation that considers the environment and quality of life
  • Adapting design to a changing environment

Helping Your Business or FacilityAchieve a Greener Footprint

There are many ways to implement green construction practices for projects. Efficiency is part of the approach. Minimize energy consumption, integrate renewable and low-carbon technologies, and maximize natural efficiency. Use fewer, more durable materials, reusing and recycling when possible. Provide proper ventilation and avoid chemicals with harmful or toxic emissions. Incorporate natural light in your workspaces whenever possible.

Consider the long-term environmental impacts of your business from conception to demolition. Going green helps create a sustainable and thriving atmosphere and helps drive economic growth with cost savings on building products and energy. If your green building projects need more efficient storage space for upgrades or new construction, DeBourgh is happy to help improve health and wellbeing at your facilities during the design process. We work with your architect or provide custom plans. Intelligent locker designs, locking mechanisms, and software applications for tracking and security combine to automate processes, organize equipment and tools for a clean and clutter-free workplace, and boost employee performance. Our innovative products help us achieve a greener footprint together.

Contact us to learn more about all of our environmentally friendly products and the industries we serve. We are well known for our athletic lockers, but we do so much more. Ask us about our BuildADVANCE program that helps navigate around busy construction schedules and reduce costs. Our USA-made Modular Smart Spaces are made safely and responsibly. Customize your own Modular Smart Spaces with experts!


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