DeBourgh and Master Lock: The Perfect Fit From Package Delivery To Access Control Lockers

Master Lock collaborated with DeBourgh for superior compatibility between locks and locker systems. The partnership has developed an engineering and testing program designed to ensure clients purchasing lockers receive a high-quality locking solution regardless of the locker type. The Lock Locker Compatibility Program™ compatibility matrix designed by Master Lock determines the right lock to locker fit.

Master Lock's "Compatibility Matrix" guides DeBourgh engineers, as well as other architects and installers, through the process of proper application. A spreadsheet shows specific information on different locker systems. It pairs them with latch types, lock combinations, and security ratings for seamless installation.

How to Access the Lock-Locker Information

When our clients purchase their locker systems, an architectural specification sheet is included in the job's design package. The installation contractor can consult the Compatibility Matrix to verify the most appropriate lock type for the job. As proof that the contractor has referenced the material, they submit the Matrix with their bid package. Alternatively, the architect directly consults the LLCP Compatibility Matrix to select the lock and includes it in the job's design package. DeBourgh and Master Lock are working to avoid potential installation issues and delays that may inconvenience our customers.

When the program launched, DeBourgh described the solution as "a great example of cooperation across the industry to better serve the end-user."

Through the program, engineers, architects, and installers can be sure the customer has an easy way to match up the correct lock with the style of locker they choose from participating locker manufacturers. The lock to locker fit is regularly tested to adapt to any design changes over time. After all, it doesn't matter how good a lock system is if installed incorrectly on the wrong locker. Master Lock and DeBourgh together can provide customers with tools and solutions that work. 

Confidence in Smart Locker Systems Solutions

DeBourgh offers a variety of smart locker systems, and customer satisfaction relies on seamless installation and performance. When you choose your locker style, the locking mechanism must be a perfect match. We provide automated package locker systems, modular storage systems, and access control lockers, all with the ability to integrate smart lock systems that track users and keys or provide remote and contactless options. The technology behind the most efficient and secure lock and locker systems is evolving. It makes sense to continually update the compatibility matrix and test products to avoid problems in the future. Master Lock and DeBourgh conduct:

  • Annual Compatibility Reviews

Verified testing and design review by engineers guarantee compatibility between locks and lockers.

  • New Product Validations 

Validated locks and locker products work as intended before introduction to provide seamless locking function.

  • Periodic Production Spot Checks

Routine compatibility tests completed on lock and locker orders before delivery.

  • Annual Design Conference

Master Lock and DeBourgh engineers meet to support our collaborative work and help make continuous product improvements.

Thanks to a great partnership with Master Lock, we can offer clients the best products to fit their needs. DeBourgh All American Lockers offers a wide selection of lockers and compatible locks. Whether you need package locker systems for a business complex, access control lockers for a military organization, or modular storage for a hospital network, we determine the right locker and lock options early in your project. Contact us for more information about the Master Lock-DeBourgh Lock-Locker Compatibility Program. Our Intelligent Lockers are scalable, modular, and fully customizable systems that secure your assets, so you don't have to worry about it.

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