DeBourgh All-American Lockers: Modular Smart Spaces for Offices in a Post-Pandemic World

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the office environment and sparked new ideas about the space between employees to keep everyone happy and healthy. Companies are now rethinking what worked pre-pandemic and how the post-pandemic realities will factor into the future. DeBourgh All-American Lockers offers several modular smart locker office options that enhance the work environment with a modern look and design.

Some future office concepts include integrating the outdoors and landscaping into the mix. DeBourgh's designs are already environmentally-friendly modular storage options made with recycled materials to help your workplace become "one with nature." We plan to remain leaders in innovative office products with cabinets that are network-ready, stackable, and lockable. Let us handle all your lab needs as well. Our college lab setup includes sinks, stools, cabinets, and more. We can custom design versatile modular products with secure smart cabinet lock systems.

Changes in The Future of Office Space

As workers continue returning to the office, the difference between the past, present, and future office space will keep evolving. Gabe Marans, executive director for Savills, a major real estate leasing company, told Forbes magazine in a March 31, 2021 article, “If companies want employees back in the office, everything will need to be reimagined. And employees will expect a workplace that they can’t achieve remotely.”

While some companies are leaning toward work from home options for employees, others see the need to change how employees work together in person. Our Modular Smart Spaces are designed to be adaptive for any workplace configuration. They are often used in offices, hospital rooms, school hallways, classrooms, military and police facilities, lobbies, hotels, and homes. One of the main advantages of Modular Smart Spaces is the easy, interlocking installation that can be changed at any time. Add optional features, including casters for mobile units.

The future of office space will likely involve more live plants for breathable workplaces for employees. DeBourgh offers simple solutions for this transition to open space concepts that provide plenty of room in the form of cubicles and shelving for indoor plants. Modular Smart Spaces are made with 27% recycled materials, 18-gauge, cold-steel bodies, MIG welded structures, polyester powder coat finish, adjustable hinges, and are secured with smart cabinet locks. Our capabilities go beyond locker systems to incorporate into the entire room, including furniture and walls. We fulfill all your needs for convenience and safety.

The DeBourgh Modular Smart Spaces product list includes:

  • Benches
  • Sitting Desks
  • Standing Desks
  • Cabinets and Casework
  • Workbenches
  • Lockers
  • Cell Phone Storage
  • Laptop Storage
  • Controlled Substance Storage
  • Personal Storage
  • Other Custom Storage Needs

DeBourgh All-American Lockers can help modernize your new office and workspaces. Explore the many options to help you design and create the perfect environment for employees, clients, or visitors. Contact us to get started. Our modular system provides the most flexible and customized storage while covering all your smart cabinet and locker needs!

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