Contactless Delivery Lockers Save Time and Money for Small Businesses

The world is changing rapidly with no slowdown in sight, and it can be challenging and expensive for small businesses to keep up. Investing in new technologies is necessary and sometimes risky. But what if the new technology wasn’t risky at all, solved multiple business problems, and made your customers happier than ever?

For small businesses, that technology is Smart Lockers, also known as Intelligent or Contactless Lockers. According to Forrester Research, many retail and e-commerce business owners see smart lockers as a cornerstone of their business plans because product delivery is one of their most significant challenges and costs. 

Since the onset of Covid-19, contactless delivery has become a preferred delivery option for customers. Also known as “click and collect,” consumers consider it more secure and convenient than home delivery. For businesses, it eliminates the cost of multiple delivery attempts and solves that last-mile delivery challenge.

Delivery Lockers Save Time and Money While Increasing Revenue 

DeBourgh Lockers partnered with Laundry Station Services of New York (LSS) to design and build contactless lockers for My Laundry Station, a dry cleaning company. DeBourgh designed an eye-catching dry cleaning locker system customized with My Laundry Station’s brand colors and fully wrapped in their logo and brand elements. LSS placed these secure locker stations in convenient locations around the country, such as near convenience stores.

Customers can drop off dry cleaning items 24/7 and electronically pay for the service at the laundry locker kiosk. A receipt is then printed or emailed, and the dry cleaner receives a notification at the same time on a laptop or phone. After cleaning, the clothes are returned to the locker, and the customer is automatically sent an email with an access code notifying them that their clothes are ready for pickup. The Smart Locker System records all the transactions, verifies drop off and pick up in both directions, and documents payment and order status.

Contactless Lockers Pay for Themselves with Increased Traffic and Profit

If you’re considering adding this cost-effective tool to your product or service logistics chain, you can work with our in-house experts on designing a locker system that is customized for your needs and for the type of space in which it will be located. This is a great opportunity to make use of awkward or unused spaces at your place of business. Placing the delivery kiosk at locations convenient for your customers will inspire their appreciation and loyalty and can open the door to new customers in that area.

Consider including lockers for your own business use allowing you to leave critical materials for staff to access after business hours without your presence or hiring a messenger service.

Lockers can range in size from mini express lockers to large lockers that can house gear and equipment. With modular lockers, you can configure the right system for consumer needs and revise it as your business grows or changes. Our in-house designers can display your brand elements and colors so that your delivery locker kiosk can help increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your storefront.

Your customers will be thrilled with the convenience and ease of use. They no longer have to wait at home for package delivery and can pick up items when it makes sense for their personal schedule.

Offering 24/7 Service for More Revenue 

DeBourgh partnered with a chain of welding supply stores to solve the problem for welders needing just-in-time supplies the next day but being unable to drop by before the business closed. 

Our in-house technology experts set up a versatile Smart Locker Delivery System that was easily replicated throughout the chain with great success. Orders placed at the end of the day were delivered to the new Smart Lockers, and welders could pick them up the same day or at their convenience. The right technology configured for your unique business model can easily scale, lower costs, and eliminate headaches down the road.

All DeBourgh storage locker systems are ADA compliant and built to withstand harsh weather conditions and high-volume use. If you’re looking for a similar solution for your small business or ecommerce business and want to partner with experts in fabricating metal lockers for asymmetrical pickup and after-hours delivery, please contact us.

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