Combining Modular Design and High-tech for Upscale Locker Rooms on a Budget

If you manage a gym, recreation center, aquatic center, or sports facility, the locker room is often the first and last experience members have of your business or organization. Every detail of that experience should reflect positively on your brand.

"The locker room is the single most important thing in getting them (members) to keep coming," says Jim Thomas, director of Fitness Management consulting, in an interview with Recreation Management magazine. "They will notice if inferior products are used in that locker room, and that will have a big effect."

While not every locker room needs to have five-star amenities, customer expectations have soared due to increased exposure to high-end locker rooms through social media and online locker room ratings.

Consumers are regularly exposed to upscale locker room features on Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, and even Google Images, increasing their desire and expectations for greater aesthetics and amenities.

Locker rooms now have their own ratings and reviews on Yelp and in magazines such as Golf Digest (“Best Golf Locker Rooms”) and Boston Magazine (“Most Luxurious Locker Rooms in Boston”).

Even venues that have historically kept locker rooms minimal and basic are embracing custom design. Municipal recreation facilities, city aquatic centers, and the YMCA have responded to the data that shows upgraded amenities drive new memberships and increase retention. And it’s possible to get Instagram-worthy locker rooms without breaking the bank.

Modular Lockers with Bold Designs 

Replacing old lockers will significantly impact the appearance of your organization’s locker room and is easier and more budget-friendly than changes requiring complete remodeling or new construction.

DeBourgh’s FLEX Elite Locker is a perfect example of a crossover locker product to instantly impact your space with bold, modern design and flexible, modular spaces that will satisfy your clients’ high-end tastes and limited budgets.

Customization is now the new norm, and modular design allows an expensive look at a reasonable cost. A simple feature like casters gives you a mobile locker system that can be personalized on the fly as your facility and customers’ needs change.

Smart Lockers allow for a variety of convenient configurations so athletes can keep wet items in one locker and dry items (cell phone, wallet, etc.) in a smaller, inset “express” locker. Dry lockers can include integrated outlets for charging devices and accessory trays for jewelry and watches.

Sophisticated Security at Competitive Prices

Because leading-edge technology features such as wireless locks and iTrust Enterprise Access Control Software are standard with DeBourgh lockers, you won’t experience budget creep with many of our high-tech security features.

Smart Lockers increase security and reassure members that their valued belongings are in the safest possible environment. Keyless lockers with programmable keypads and centralized Access Control lockers are security measures that ensure no more lost keys, rekeyed locks, key tracking, or lock-outs. With digitally stored information, all intelligent lockers can be deactivated or activated from a single control panel 24/7, saving time and money and meeting the round-the-clock expectations of clients. 

Our in-house wealth of expertise and cutting-edge technology enables us to offer competitive pricing and upgraded features that trickle down to projects on tight budgets.

High-End Finishes that Fit Your Budget

Hybrid lockers are a combination of materials, including plastic, plastic laminate, phenolic plastic, and metal. They allow you to give your lockers a highly unique aesthetic while adding finishes to keep lockers rust and dent-free for the long haul. Durable, quality materials and experienced installation are the foundation for maintaining a polished and well-maintained look.

Due to Covid-19, customers and end-users have increased expectations of sanitation protocols. Higher degrees of hygiene and cleanliness are now expected and give businesses and organizations a new, competitive edge in attracting and retaining customers. Since the onset of Covid-19, DeBourgh has seen a significant increase in requests for antimicrobial coatings for our lockers. Additives are manufactured into the coatings to repel disease-causing organisms, resist stains, and demarcation for the life of the product.

Contact us to create an upscale look and feel in your organization’s locker room and still stay on budget. DeBourgh Manufacturing Co's electric access control lockers safeguard your assets with secure storage, RFID detection, and charging facilities. Find out more about our high-security lockers and modular smart spaces!

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