FLEX Elite

  • Prices for wood and phenolic lockers for your top-tier athletic spaces making it hard to give your athletes the locker room they deserve?

    The strength of steel. The flexibility for anything you need in your top-end athletic space. FLEX Elite is the perfect crossover locker product to impress and intimidate.

    The FLEX Elite is a new generation of DeBourgh flexible materials so you can have the look and feel you require with the durability you've come to expect from partnering with DeBourgh.

    Contact us immediately and upgrade your space.

  • Locker Construction:

    • DeBourgh-designed ICON seamless back frame for durable structure
    • DeBourgh-designed RAZOR cutback front frame - more room for arms and shoulders for your athletes
    • Power and LED lighting optional
    • Fully MIG welded bodies - no nuts, bolts, or rivets in locker structure
    • Flexible back textures - steel, ventilated steel, diamond plate, wood, plastic laminate, phenolic, or MDF core inserts
    • Security compartment with charging capabilities so your devices can be charged while you're on the go
    • Ventilated foot locker with reinforced seat or optional drawer or cubby
    • Optional shoulder pad and helmet rack
    • Personalized name plate holder or branded jersey hook
    • Solid steel, padded, phenolic, or wood seating with branding optional
    • Customized hook arrangement
    • Sturdy, all-welded base
    • State of the Art Powder Coat Finish
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all metal locker components


    WidthDepthDoor Height
    1818, 22, 2472, 84
    2418, 22, 2472, 84
    3018, 22, 2472, 84
    3318, 22, 2472, 84

  • word

    FLEX Elite Hybrid Lockers Specification (MS Word Format)


    FLEX Elite Hybrid Lockers Specification (PDF Format)


    FLEX Elite Hybrid Lockers Brochure (PDF Format)


  • Muted Colors

    coolWhiteCool WhiteWhiteHammerWhite HammerLatteLattedesertBeigeDesert Beige
    ashGrayAsh GraySmokeSmokestormGrayStorm GrayMetro Gray
    maroonPeaksMaroon PeaksMilkChocalateMilk ChocolatejetBlackJet BlackBlackHammerBlack Hammer
    Urban Dusk

    Vibrant Colors

    greenIsleGreen IsleJuniperJunipercitrusYellowCitrus YellowgoldenRodGoldenrod
    cadetBlueCadet BlueroyalBlueRoyal BluenavyBlueNavy BlueblueHammerBlue HammerpurpleFigPurple Fig
    PumpkinPumpkinsunsetOrangeSunset OrangecardinalRedCardinal RedcodeRedCode RedRedHammerRed Hammer

    DeBourgh uses the highest quality powder coat paint.  Our paint thickness is the best in the industry.

    Note: Colors shown here are an approximate representation. The actual color may be slightly different.
    Contact Us for actual color chips.


    Note: Patterns/colors of textures and metallics will vary due to their nature.


    *No touch up available for textures or metallics.

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